I Wuz Robbed

Ok here’s something that’s been bothering me for years.

Once I was invited to fill a vacancy on a ladies bowling team. It was another school bus stop mother who invited me and we were both happy about it. Happy right up until I threw the first ball. Looking back on it, I probably should have practiced a little before league play. I vaguely knew other women on some of the teams but ti wasn’t like we started out friends and my bowling skills didn’t do anything to further that along. I think I might have rolled 3 or 4 gutter balls in a row before someone took pity and told me about the arrows built into the lanes. I rolled something like a 72 that first game.

I improved as time went along, but the happy was long gone. I’d bowl a 102 on a good day but my average hung at around 90. Then one day there was some kind of promotion going on with various prizes, one of which was most points above your average score. I was on fire that day, possibly motivated by money, but no one was paying attention to me anymore. [See above, no more happy] I rolled a 250. I swear to God a 250. This is a true story. I cannot imagine that anyone else in the place rolled 148 points higher than their previous best day, can you?  I think the prize was $150.00 So I’m pretty sure that I should have gotten it but I was passivity waiting for  someone to tell me I was the winner and when that didn’t happen, I mentioned it  to another bus stop mother/league member and got back a  very disinterested “Oh yeah?”

I think whoever awarded the prize saw that it was me with the biggest delta, and decided other more valuable and clique-connected bowler was more deserving. I quit bowling shortly thereafter.

I haven’t thought about this in years but I’m thinking about it today.

2 thoughts on “I Wuz Robbed”

  1. I do this too. I wonder why I never reflect on my triumphant moments, they’re so few and far between you’d think they’d stand out in my memory. But no, it’s the moments of humiliation or failure that return to haunt me.

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