It Begins


Painting Day

It’s a lousy dim day with off and on rain, but my Decorator Spidey Sense tells me this is the right day to start painting. I still plan room painting with a two-day timeline from start to finish although frankly the last time I tried this it took me 3 weeks before I gave up and called for the cavalry. [Note to self: you are not 25 anymore.] This is a room I did manage to paint myself but you’ll notice my trademark unfinished ceiling line. This is from Our Department of I’ll Finish This Later. Please don’t make me say when I did this or what my idea of “later” was at the time.

Don’t worry, though. This time, I’m being smart about it. and by “smart”, I mean I got my son to do all the work. Two days. BOOM. But clean-up will be sketchy, if detectable at all.

UPDATE 5pm: Two coats ceiling; one coat walls. So far.

photo (1)

“It is exquisite”. *

* Geraldine Page as Eve, the fashionable Long Island interior designer who tries to impose her overbearing, critical standards on her husband and her grown children  in the Woody Allen film Interiors.

4 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. It’s veddy veddy elegant.
    And on a side note, I did this yesterday at work and thought of you….
    Got some stupid magazines in with a fawning worship theme of “isn’t Michelle Obama wonderful?” complete with entirely too large photo of her on the cover.
    So I sent them back, as damaged… reason given: “someone has gotten shit all over this.”

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