Just Two Jersey Girls Doin’ Jersey Girl Things

Today was the greatly anticipated re-opening of the Lenox Warehouse sale. Don’t be jealous but I went there at the invitation of the world’s best daughter-in-law. We’ve been there before together and she was kind of lukewarm to the whole thing but that is her cautious nature and she  is 100% into it now.

The warehouse opens for a three-week period and then closes up again for a few weeks while they restock. This period opened today at 9am. Our timing was off a bit and we got there at about 10 past the hour, but that was still early enough to get decent parking and to be in the first 100 shoppers. How do I know this? Because there was a beaproned male employee standing at the entrance giving out tickets for a free item to the first 100. The free item turned out to be a full-sized pedestal cake plate in a lovely delicate floral pattern. Not too shabby.

And then what do you supposed I saw as soon as we were inside the building? Not one but two pineapple lamps!


The crystal lamp doesn’t show well in this picture but it was beautifully prism-y in that cut crystal way of things. I have to tell you that it’s a real contender – I am a sucker for that modified bell/drum lamp shade style. I would have bought this if I was still not completely heartbroken and constantly mooning around about the latest eBay broken lamp episode.

Another thing I did not buy was an enormous Dansk salad bowl. And when I say enormous, I mean it. Here’s a picture I found online of a person holding one so you could get a good idea about the size.

So big you could bathe a baby in it.

The price on this thing was – brace yourselves – $49.97. Plus, if you had a coupon every item that was priced ending in .97 got an additional 30% off, making the final total for this $34.98. I am a fool. Why did I not buy this? They’ll probably be gone by tomorrow.

Also of interest is that the world’s best daughter in law is now slightly opening up to the idea of fine china. She’s a great lover of the color red and also the stark black and white of houndstooth pattern so when we spotted this Scalamandre zebra dinnerware, it was just what the doctor ordered.

We didn’t buy that either but we  did manage to walk out with three shopping bags full of bargains. Our cart was probably the most empty in the whole checkout line. There were women there whose shopping carts were heaped to overflowing and some had accomplices who pushed a second cart of similar load. Husbands of the pocket-book holding type were standing slightly apart, guarding half-filled carts while their wives went back into the trenches for more. The checkout line was a good 30 minutes long and it was a pretty humid and sticky wait by then. Teeming masses of humanity had shown up by then to pack every aisle and contribute their body heat and hot breath to the atmosphere.

pIn search of the elusive Hot Honey, we stopped a small farm stand that had a sign for LOCAL HONEY RAW HONEY at the roadside. No hot honey but plenty of pumpkin buckets. Seriously, I meant to photodocument this whole excursion but I was swept away by each moment and only remembered to take a picture after most of the stuff was unloaded from the car.

Word of warning, though – the pumpkin seekers are out in full force now. Anyone who has lived through it once knows enough to stay off the main pumpkin-picking drags from early October right through Xmas tree season. I got cocky and figured that I only had a short stretch to cover after I dropped off the DIL- what could go wrong? Well, I got bogged down in front of a place that not only had the customary pumpkin picking, hay rides, pony rides, gift shop, home baked goods and picnic area but also featured a Wild West show. That was my one mistake for the season, from now on, I’ll stick to creeping along the residential roads.

What Jersey experience is complete without a visit to a jersey diner? Answer: none. So we rounded off the excursion with the full diner breakfast plus a side order of pumpkin pancakes. I must say the place we chose had the crispiest best corned beef hash that I’ve had in a while. Even the coffee was good, and that’s saying something. I’ve almost given up ordering coffee when dining out because of the high risk of disappointment.

So all in all, a  great day in New Jersey. Just think – if I had stayed home to catch up on work or possibly to push the vacuum around a little bit then I never would have saved $210.05.


Homework assignment: study up on Scalamandre Zebras wallpaper. Gawd, there is so much I don’t know in this world.

4 thoughts on “Just Two Jersey Girls Doin’ Jersey Girl Things”

  1. I want that Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper, but as a fabric print for a quilt. I’m making an I Spy quilt for a new grand and the zebras would be a wonderful addition.
    We have no outlet type stores here or pumpkin patches, the closest are 200 miles away. New Jersey may be hard on back yards and basements, but they have their china and pumpkin values in the right place.

  2. Not to make you jealous but I have a long-time female friend who worked for years at Lenox and before that Royal Doulton. (And does she have stories about the randy Michael Doulton, current scion of the Doulton empire!)

    Needless to say she has more complete sets of china than anyone would want. And I include you in that statement.

  3. Your posts on Lenox warehouse buying trips are among my favorites. Mercifully there is not a Lenox warehouse near us. I did stand in line for hours at a fabric store – the line was out in front of the store and around the block – to get extraordinary bargains in really beautiful fabrics. (I was a seamstress back then. I’ve gotten over it.) Anyhoo, I survived long enough to get in and get two or three pieces of wonderful stuff. They are still around somewhere, probably carefully stored with the silks I purchased in Shanghai in the ’80s. And so it goes.

    At least you have the strength to resist things like that salad bowl set. The one I bought at a huge discount when Jurgensen’s, a luxurious grocery and gift store, went out of business is still around somewhere. Probably holding other wood salad bowls. It is HUGE.

    Is it something in our genes?


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