You People Are Killing Me

Or maybe I killed myself. Okay – I get it. I will just carry on with the roseification of my bedroom in blog silence from now on. And no more latex orchids!

Here’s some news: the creek workers are back today to deal with the lingering aftermath of the creek project. Today’s itinerary includes the unintentional digging up of our sprinkler system and some more damage to the roots of the oak trees which I personally raised from little acorns.


Later on, an enormous dump truck full of dirt will back up into my driveway and smash the concrete sidewalks.

15 thoughts on “You People Are Killing Me”

    1. Coreck spellinng and puncktuation are not reqired to coment on the intarnet.
      Seriously, in this age of texting and twittering, if we can understand your meaning, it’s good.

  1. I don’t get it, but that’s about par for the course. I’m fairly oblivious most of the time. The roseification of the bedroom is one of my favorite outlets these days.

    As for the creek project I’m convinced there is some sinister plot designed to destroy the peace and serenity of the neighborhood afoot. The really horrifying thing is that it seems to be a nationwide phenomenon. You should see what they’ve done to the highway south of where I live. I don’t think schools are producing real engineers anymore. What ever happened to men who could build dams and bridges. Now they can’t even get a bike path or a creek watercourse right.

    Oh…maybe I do get it…could we be becoming old farts? Oh, HELL NO!

    1. Agree. My city is in the process of making all sidewalk crossings and driveways ‘handicap accessible’ according to Federal law. Now, instead of a small step off of a curb, there is a steep dip down to the road.
      Apparently, no one consulted with an actual handicapped walker or those in wheelchairs to see what the ideal change should be.

  2. I love reading about the roseification of the bedroom — do you want to email me privately with details? And how is the basement — is it still getting water?

    1. Not so much water as mud! We haven’t had significant rainfall in a few weeks but the slight opening around the place where the sewer pipe goes through the concrete in the basement is now oozing a significant quantity of mud into the basement.

  3. Dear Blog Lady,
    Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I enjoyed one of your blog posts from this past July so very much I printed it out and from time to time I reread it and share it with my wife so we can smile about it all over again since it stands as one of the preeminent single sentence statements of the English language given your mastery of recording the emotional weight of inconsolability and spousal disappointment and interference within the boundaries of a planted area in which said spouse ventured uninvited thus inviting the very wrath poured upon him in your blog post in which surely you would have preferred to blog about bedroom tabletop lighting or the more decorous roseification of said bedroom.

  4. I too love hearing about the roseification of your bedroom. Anxiously awaiting the final pictures in living color.

    As for the creek/yard, what they heck are they doing? I thought they needed to fix your yard that they messed up. It’s like a never ending story. Or is it just NJ?

    1. They came back to lay sod in the sideyard from when they chopped it to bits last fall. they did pant grass in the spring but waited until the weather was not high heat to put down the sod. Which my husband refused. So we have more seeds and piles of protective straw from back to front now.

  5. Engineering, especially municipal civil engineering, is now a discipline that requires a knowledge of state and Federal regulation as well as insurance risk management.

    We currently have a portion of country road that the NJDOT says needs to be reinforced to counteract stream erosion, but which the NJDEP says cannot be touched because it is adjacent to a C-1 trout production stream.

    I have instructed our township engineer to simply start forwarding any correspondence from one of those entities to the other, after making a xerox copy. When we have enough xerox copies, we will dump them off the edge of the road, thus reinforcing the slope.

    He was OK with the first part, but declined on the second. Something about wanting to keep the “P.E.” initials after his name.

    Seriously, you want stories? I got stories.

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