And Now for Something Completely Different …

I realize that I have turned off my readership by turning this into a single subject blog, and that subject is a lamp for my bedroom. And so , just to shake things up a little bit, I promise I won’t use the word lamp at all in this post.

We have bigger fish to fry and lovelier objets to discuss. For instance, this charming hand-painted, rose-adorned ceramic switch plate:


I turned to Etsy for this. Now you know my shameful secret.  Hello my name is Suzette and I’m an Etsy shopper*. This picture cannot capture the detail on this thing. It is completely in keeping with my vintage, slightly worn vision for and was a perfect match for the never-to-be-had [broken eBay item] #2**.

*I have become the thing that I despise the most. Well, not the most. If i ever start talking about  Pinterest activity , please hunt me down and take me out.

** Sorry! I had to mention it!***

*** Will I ever love again?

1 thought on “And Now for Something Completely Different …”

  1. Pinterist and Etsy are the kind of necessary evil that listening on the party line was as I was growing up in rural Wyoming/Idaho. (I’m not all that old, it’s just that WY and ID were very late to the single line party…or the single party line or… whatever)

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