Bedroom Lamp: The Last Generation

This is an extremely thrilling update to: Bedroom Lamp: The Next Generation

This is a fortunate coincidence for us all. My sister posted a few old photographs from her childhood and teen years on her Facebook page and one of them was of a high school era sleepover party.  The wild rumpus took place in the dining room and living room of our childhood home and the shot she posted was of  a pajama-clad guest posing in front of the mauve poodle-loop sofa and get this; the very edge of the pineapple lamp shade could be seen!

When I saw it, I asked her if she had any other pictures from this event that showed the lamps and guess what !?

pineapple lamps
I KNOW, right? (Please leave your praise for my power of accurate recollection and my realistic graphic rendering in the comments.)

I don’t recognize any of these people but does it really matter? Everybody had the same hairdo back then.

Ah, well. the lamps. Do you see their timeless appeal? I wish I had been sophisticated enough to appreciate them at the time but maybe it’s for the better. When they met their end by  submersion under floodwaters for three days, my heart would have been broken.  As it was, I hardly missed them then.


One thought on “Bedroom Lamp: The Last Generation

  1. Sorry, no priase for your recollection since I can’t really tell from the photo if those are actually pineapples! 🙂 PS – Those kids all look like MY high school friends. I’m not kidding. I can put a name to almost every face. That’s weird.

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