Brief Reflections On My Road Trip to Washington DC

  • This would be a good place to set up shop if you wanted to sell men’s suits.
  • The pedestrians here are brazen ignorami.
  • Diplomats = vehicular outlaws. Amirite?
  • The gas station mimimarts around DC sell pizza and hot wings.

My rental car had Sirius radio in it. I never cared about this before but now that Art Bell is on there, I am attracted. I was 25% thinking that I would spend some after dark hours reclining in the car and getting an earful about contrails and human-alien hybrid children. And it almost turned out that way too because at 11pm when I got to the hotel that was booked for me LATE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED, they had given my room away and I was momentarily without lodging. Turned out okay, though. I was grateful that they put me up in a charming boutique hotel and they covered the cost of the room and (unbeknownst to them) the cost of valeting my rental car.

I did not manage to get a photo of any of the majestic buildings or beautiful vistas that I happened upon during my brief stay in our nation’s capital, but here’s a picture of chicken wing bone laying next to the gas pump I used to refill my tank. Let’s think about this for a minute. What has gone on here?


Was someone so hungry for a chicken wing that they couldn’t wait and ate one – nay, sucked it to the bone! – while walking from minimart back to pump? Did a car passenger wile away the time while Papa was pumping high octane by gnawing on a wing bone and then flinging it out the car window? Did a pedestrian just happen to finish his/her hot wing as they were passing the gas station and tossed it down without another thought? I’m telling you the DC pedestrians are pretty darned ignorant. It’s hard for me to really guess about this because my world does not included any scenario with hot wing eating in public, never mind smelly dirty public.

Also, I had to touch a gas pump. Ew? However do you people put up with it?


3 thoughts on “Brief Reflections On My Road Trip to Washington DC

  1. Ah! This is the first time I have been made aware that New Jersey like Oregon doesn’t allow people to pump their own gas. After 3 years living in Oregon I had major withdrawal when we moved back to Wyoming.
    It’s probably best not to spend too much time thinking about the bone, but I had a momentary unpleasant flash on urban rats. I’m sure that couldn’t be the explanation, it’s just my fevered imagination. Probably a Senator.

  2. We pump our own gas here in Wisconsin. However, I personally don’t do that. I married someone to do that for me. It’s in the contract (whoops, I mean license) he signed on that fateful day.

  3. Why throw it on the ground when you could toss it over the fence at 1600 Pennsy Avenue?

    They would blend in with the detritus from the alleged midnight prowls of the distaff side of the current (temporary) residents.

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