Bedroom Lamp: The Next Generation


v nice in its own way

And so the pieces of the beautiful pink rosebud lamp are on the UPS truck out for delivery today back to the bad gypsy responsible for its breakage. The eBay resolution center was wonderful about the whole thing.  Full refund, no shipping costs to me. But of course, that is not the point.  I’ve been half-heatedly looking for another but frankly, my heart’s not totally into it. I’ll just stick with the black and gold mood killer from Target that’s on the nightstand now until something stirs me.

pinealpple lamp

artist’s rendering

During my very early teen years, an uncle died and some of his stuff came into our home. There was broad sturdy parlor furniture covered in a mauve poodle loop fabric and a set of matching pineapple lamps that were a total embarrassment to me. I would die for them now. I think they got lost in the great flood following Hurricane Agnes.

They were very tall – maybe 40″ – and done in glossy white porcelain. The pineapple was about half life sized and lightly detailed with groves and leaves. A column made from the same white porcelain held up the fruit and the whole thing was topped off with a plain white hardback drum shade. The finial was white porcelain and looked like an upside down acorn with pineapply crisscrosses on it.

I thought they were stupid but remembering them now, they were really quite elegant and tasteful. I couldn’t recognize elegant and tasteful back then.

So this week I came across this white beauty which I initially rejected in a lukewarm way but it slowly grew on me and then it dawned on me that this is a serious contender. I was googling “rose lamps” and this came up. It’s tall , it has a moderately bulbous silhouette and it’s all white.


The description does include the word “shabby” but at least they are not claiming that it’s” Hollywood Regency”. I object to both of these terms.

It’s not clear to me if this lamp started out all white or if it fell into the hands of some overly happy Etsy person with a can of spray paint. (Let the record show that I do not object to spray paint.)  Those petals and leaves are real dustcathers and although I grow more in favor of this lamp every time I look at it, I’m not ready to commit to it. And then I saw this:


I think I’m in love

The description says these flowers are dogwood, but of course they are not. They are wild roses . This lamp is really quite beautiful and although again I am not ready to pounce on it, I do believe I’m falling in love.


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