Feelin’ Alright

I just bathed myself with goat’s milk soap and I’m feeling pretty good about things.

The wrong-sided door is still wrong-sided but you should see the dozens of little rainbows the beveled glass casts into the front hallway. It’s like that scene from Pollyanna where Agnes Moorehead is a cranky hypochondriacal shut-in and then Haley Mills shows her how the crystal drops from the lamp are prisms which utterly charms cranky Agnes.


So just imagine me walking around in the house all self-absorbed and focusing on all of the negative things that happen to me and then suddenly I am awash in rainbows. It’s quite lovely.

Despite it’s wrongsidedness and the unpleasant realization that now I’m just like the rest of the schulbs with a door that looks ghastly from the outside, I really do love the door from the inside. I hope the rainbows are still there when the right-sided door gets here.


3 thoughts on “Feelin’ Alright

  1. Channeling the “Glad Girl” I see. Well, someone has to do it, but I’m feeling cranky and a prism rainbow isn’t going to cure it.
    Seriously, snow on Sept 18! Why do I live in a place that gets snow on Sept 18? Besides the obvious “I’m stupid” I mean.

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