Glad This Guy Lives On The Other Coast …

… because if he lived anywhere near me, I’d be worried that he’d show up on my doorstep and slap my face.

Remember the beautiful lamp from eBay that arrived in pieces? I didn’t want to bore you with the details of my communication with the seller and eBay but now we have something to talk about.  Here’s a brief summary of events:

The lamp arrives broken inside a too-big box that is underfilled with packing material

I tell the seller the lamp has arrived broken and he says it’s too bad but there’s nothing he can do about it

I tell him the breakage is his fault because of the way he packed it

He responds that he can’t control how USPS handles a package and says he will split the cost of the item with me (not the shipping fee) and advises me to file a claim with eBay

I file a claim but must give the seller 7 days to officially reply within the eBay resolution center.

Seller waits until the last day and then says return it and he will refund the cost of the item – does not mention shipping

I get his clarification that he will return the item cost+ the original shipping but not the cost of me shipping the pieces back to him

I ask him why I have to pay to return the pieces and he says he’s going to take the pieces to the post office (presumably to make an argument that he should have his original shipping fee refunded)

Seller informs me that eBay policy is that the buyer pay for return shipping when sending an item back

I tell him there is no policy that demands return of an item in order to refund , also there is no “item” to return, only pieces of what used to be an item.

Seller gets sick of me, informs me that he expects his buyers to act like adults and advises that I escalate the case in the eBay resolution center

eBay finds in my favor and gives me a prepaid packing label to use to return the item.

Seller sends me an email to say be sure to send to his current address , not his address on record with eBay  which is printed on the prepaid shipping label.

I tell him this is the message that I got from eBay and they indicate your address of record

Seller flips his shit and sends me this:

The address is incorrect and needs to be changed to 366B Rochester st, costa mesa, ca 92627. To ensure it gets back to me and you will then get your refund you so desperately lied to get. Karma will always bite back so good luck in the future and this broke because you did not deserve to have it. For that I am glad for since you were so rude about the entire thing and chose to lie to ebay. The bottom line I did not have to explain to you why and what I was going to do on its return you were still in the wrong that you should not ship it back and you won nothing because I from the start told you that when you shipped it back you would be refunded. So don’t think that you being smug about it and trying to rub it in my nose that you were getting your way. You sound like a very unhappy and sad person and there is very little I regret in life but dealing with you is one of them. SEND IT BACK NOW!


Read from bottom to top. (names obscured to protect the volatile)

I’m a little worried about that “this broke because you did not deserve to have it” part. The guy has an unusual name the origin of which I cannot determine and maybe it’s a woman and maybe she’s a gypsy and maybe she can put a long-distance curse on me.


8 thoughts on “Glad This Guy Lives On The Other Coast …

  1. This sounds exactly like a seller that I had to deal with a few months ago. (I wonder if it might actually be the same person.) We went round and round over the shipping, with increasingly lengthy/crazily worded replies. Eventually, I did get refunded in total from ebay….Thank God! But that seller was definitely a whackadoodle.

    Where do these people come from? Crazy!

  2. Don’t worry about Karma. I met her when she was working a palm-reading booth at the AZ State Fair 4 or 5 years ago.
    She wasn’t much then, so relax.

    Just avoid state or county fairs next summer and you’ll be fine.

  3. The most remarkable thing is the statement that this person makes about regret, “there is very little I regret in life but dealing with you is one of them.”
    I’m absolutely sure this person has endless lines of regret waiting in his/her karmic ass biting future.

  4. Now that we have this nasty spirited person’s address, I’m thinking of forwarding some junk mail to him/her. Of course, the email address would be even easier. Never promise Karma biting back, as it might reverse itself.

  5. I have a ghost story involving a set of lamps. One of my husband’s great aunt (Em) hated the second wife (Dot) of one of her brothers. She told another of my husband’s aunts (Honey) to make sure Dot never got a thing of hers when she passed away. Honey kept her word, had an estate sale in secret. Dot has nothing of Em’s. One night Dot and the brother are visiting and Dot sees a set of Em’s lamps in the spare bedroom. She begs Honey for them and Honey gives them to Dot, figuring enough time has passed, gotta make peace, yada yada. Dot breaks one of the lamps as she’s leaving, then falls on one of the pieces and breaks the other lamp. THEN a week later, Dot died of a head injury, which everyone in the family is convinced she sustained in the fall over the lamp piece. Em got her final revenge.


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