Dateline: Wednesday

1. Whoever invented those little 8oz paint testers was a genius. It’s Country Linens vs. Chic Peach on every wall of my bedroom. Here’s one splotch area next to the vanity. Please note that one of my two whorehouse-ish beaded lamps can be seen in this picture. It’s so obvious!  How could I not have recognized my affinity for this style before? I’ve had these lamps for 10+ years.

Also note the stack of hatboxes decorated with faux French advertising for perfume and soap.

The hatboxes which got here around the same time as the lamps are a set of 5. I put the next-to-smallest one on the vanity to actually hold my perfume bottles. Bonus: eliminates the need for tiresome dusting of perfume bottles. I congratulate myself doubly for this clever use of a hatbox.

Here’s another paint splotch area behind my new latex orchid which is on top of the craigslist end table and the Floret doily  which matches the new lace curtains. I instagrammed this photo and it accidentally turned out great.

I’m favoring Country Linens on the left.

2. The new front door gets installed today. I already don’t like it.

3. Huma Watch begins. No power + no  access to NYC intel = no standing by her man. How long until the split is announced?

4. Here is a slightly blurry picture of Lou Costello’s granddaughter on a BravoTV show called Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. In this scene, she’s being stopped on the way out of Target for setting off the thievery buzzer and  she takes out her wallet to show something to the security guard. Did I say “her wallet”? Because  I meant to say “her Urban Expressions Sandra wallet in gold metallic“.

photo (4)

4 thoughts on “Dateline: Wednesday”

  1. The Weiner Family Saga ends soon. She has everything to gain by dumping him and nothing to lose. Hlilary’s ominous silence on Syria (until an actual solution was proposed) is more confirmation on 2016.

    I was thinking about your Tweet “How many of you hit the mute button whenever President PeacePrize shows up on TV? Hands up” when I read this AM’s CNN “news” piece by former Clinton speech writer Kusnet.

    61% of the people “who watched President Obama’s prime-time speech” were persuaded?

    The question is, at this point who sits down and watches him give a speech except the remaining true believers? I doubt they needed much persuasion.

    Besides, the moment has passed him by – again – the world is now following the lead of, wait for it, Vladimir Putin.

    I would love to be a fly on the White House wall for the discussion of SoS Kerry’s “loose lips sink ships” gaffe. It was Biden-esque in its embarrassing consequences. Chuckle.

    1. Not sure at all that I like this new Clock Watchin’ Bambi that spoke last night. I was just settling in for a nice long listen to Rand Paul on FN when all of a sudden, President PeacePrize shows up very close to on time. Did they install an indoor driving range in the WH basement and he was due to cut the ribbon at 9:30?

  2. 1. OMG I have that wallet!
    2. Country Linens by a mile.
    3. Orchid, Oh yes, but where are the ranunculus?
    4. You realize you’re doing this for all of us right?
    5. Huma is already looking at the Weiner in the rear view mirror. Sad for the kid.

  3. I had a whorehouse lamp like yours, until a visitor broke the shade. I use the base with a new lampshade now. Not the same, but useful. And like a good hostess, I told him not to worry about it.

    I prefer Country Linens. Chic Peach seems too dark and a little drab. Just my opinion.

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