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The new front door is installed and I can’t tell if I hate it or not because all I can see when I look at it is that the hinges and doorknob are on the wrong sides.

                    More news as it develops …

UPDATE: Well, here it is. Click the picture to see the full glory of it all.

Fullscreen capture 9112013 25824 PM
l. wrong from the inside – r. wrong from the outside

How do you like it?

You can’t tell, right? Because (a.) the hinges are on the wrong side and (b.) when it became obvious that this door couldn’t stay, the workers made it sturdy and sound and then left without any kind of trim work or installation of the new hardware. And that includes the fancy-schmancy new door surround which will eventually reside over the ghost silhouette of the old door surround.

So this is how it’s going to stay for the next 7 weeks until the replacement comes.

Question: why can I not have one single day in my life that is free from aggravation?

Follow-up question: is it me?

9 thoughts on “Breaking News”

  1. So now anyone can come along and pop out your hinges and walk right on in? Couldn’t they have installed it the other way. Even if the exterior surface were inside and vice versa, if it has to be replaced, at least you would have a sign inviting every local thief to walk on in and steal the whorehouse vintage goodies. Somebody needs to put a rush on this correction, for your safety and sanity.

  2. It looks like it has been installed backwards. The hinges should NOT be on the outside. Please call the installers and tell them to come fix it. This is wrong.

    It’s not you.

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