Tonight & Tomorrow

Tonight: I had a big swollen painful thing happening on the side of my right pointer fingernail. It started yesterday but was stupidly sore to the touch by late this afternoon. Then I used some spray paint and employed the affected finger to push the button on the spray can. Later on I noticed two things:

  • my finger was covered in a fine mist of Ivory Gloss
  • the big swollen painful area was no longer swollen and neither was it painful

Either I’ve discovered a hitherto unknown folk remedy or there’s been a genuine miracle.

Tomorrow: Sorry to disappoint fans of endless droning about my bedroom, but I will be in Philadelphia tomorrow and unavailable to discuss all 135 beige paint chips that  I am mulling over. Here is a cliffhanger: I might only go as far as Cherry Hill NJ.

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Suzette Behind the Wheel where Suzette kicks herself for not cleaning the inside of the windshield like she meant to after her last excursion.

11 thoughts on “Tonight & Tomorrow”

  1. What do you clean the inside of your windshield with? Ours is always smeary even when I use special cleaner that’s supposed to work. In the winter it gets really bad. I’ve been assuming fumes from the defroster. It drives me buggy.

  2. IMO, the big painful swollen thing was a pus-sy cyst that broke with the pressure you used on the spray can.
    No, I didn’t see it on TV or read about it in People mag, I had the same thing on my thumb. It hurt to bend my thumb.
    a real owie.
    I couldn’t figure out what it was, but after I slammed my thumb with a hammer and the big swollen thing went away…..Aha, I said.

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