The End Of A Love Affair

Shortly before our wedding day, my handbag bag was picked and I lost all of the cash I was planning to use to buy wedding shoes, plus all the quarters I had collected for the laundromat. I had money in the bank that I could have used for the shoes – it wasn’t like I was going to have to walk down the aisle barefoot. But the event threw me for a loop – all action stopped and I went into inactive mode. I couldn’t bring myself to get the money, to shop for the shoes or to continue the endless dreaming I had been doing about the glorious day of my wedding.

The incident happened in an upper East Side restaurant called the Isle of Capri. I met a girlfriend there for lunch before we were going shoe shopping. Even though the theft had nothing to do with the restaurant, I never went back there again.

What I’m going to tell you now is certainly not of the same magnitude but the feelings are the same and the resulting loss of interest in the related activity feels the same to me, too. Remember this? It arrived today. Here it is:

sad face

So not only have a lost a unique item that I was very much looking forward to owning, but the seller informs me that unfortunately,  there is nothing he can do. Unfortunately.

We’ll talk about next steps another time. Right now, I just want to tell you that my enthusiasm for the bedroom project has dropped off the charts and although eBay had nothing to do with this, I’m afraid I can’t go there anymore.

10 thoughts on “The End Of A Love Affair”

  1. I assume PayPal will refund the money.

    I assume Mr. Sami owns seven different kinds of epoxy.

    My father-in-law once shipped us a small liquor cabinet with a roll-top front that my wife had had her eye on for decades. It arrived from UPS looking like they had backed the truck over it.

    My FIL, being who he was, took the insurance settlement and left us the debris. Needless to say, Wife was heart-broken. I took the wood out into the garage and over the next months re-glued every component piece back whole and then re-assembled them into a completed cabinet.

    I gave it to her for Christmas. Great was her joy, great was my satisfaction. But then I enjoy confronting entropy and spitting in its eye. It will get me in the end but until then…

  2. Suzette…can you glue it and have cracked side face wall? I feel for you, I really do. If it was insured it is a huge hassle involving mail service and returns and all that stuff. Other than the one piece it seems intact?

    I have found if someone marks “fragile” on any package it arrives dented, with, most of time, the contents packed well and unbroken. It is a red flag for the mail or UPS to throw the package.

    I really think you can glue it and one side will be ok from that one photo. You need to carry on with your plans. Oh, and “etsy” seems to make me happier than ebay (also an online sight called “Ruby Lane.” The sellers seem to care more about their reputations, as most are small sellers.

  3. You should file a complaint on eBay. I sell there a lot (have a store even) and there is no excuse for not accepting responsibility for poor packing. I have shipped glass to Norway and Australia with no problems. The seller should refund your money.

    Paypal will get your money back. Also, if it was shipped Priority I think Priority Mail now includes insurance. Do not give up on this!

  4. I know that the actual broken lamp is not the focus of this post, but … it could be fixed, looks like. I’m sure there are many qualified china repair professionals in your neck of the woods. But, yeah, I get how something that stops you in your tracks just makes the whole thing seem un-doable.

  5. Don’t give in to that *feeling*, if you carry on you will be proud of yourself, and you will feel that pride every time you look at that lamp you fixed yourself, making it even more valuable!! try it, it’s true 🙂

  6. Simple. First, this is God’s way of telling you that lamp was not what you really really want in that room, your daughter’s opinion to the contrary notwithstanding. Second, send the seller some white powder stuff that looks like, well, white powder and put a sheet of paper into the envelope with each letter of his name cut out of magazines and glued onto the paper. Maybe sketch a stick figure voodoo doll. Third, place his phone # and email address on every request for “free free free” information on every website you can find. Use websites you wouldn’t ordinarily frequent yourself just to make it fun. Then find yourself a local supplier of some similar lamp – got to be one – and buy local then take it home in your car. Old junky used furniture stores can hold great surprises. Yard sales in the swankier parts of town or the big church garage sales will also conceivably harbor similar wares. Good luck and I am sorry for the loss but you can get over it and achieve all you wanted to in that room.

  7. don’t let it take the joy out of your redecorating! I’m too attached to this project and must see this to the end!

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