Speaking of Orchids …

I am very busy right now … so busy* that I consistently use two computers at once. for the last few days, one of those computers seems to drift away all on its own from strictly work screens over to the most fabulous website for artificial flowers.

tiny orchidsThey have what appear to be the most realistic flowers I’ve ever seen.  Some of the arrangements are not that believable – who is going to believe that  I have a mini bouquet of fresh orchids on my nightstand for forever – and the leaves are always problematic, but people … latex orchids! This is brilliant.

Actually, I’ve never met a crappy artificial orchid – the real flowers look artificial so I guess this is easy to pull off but latex! That is inspired. Roses are another story altogether. Even without the problematic leaf issue, most artificial roses look like just that but every now and again you come across something truly wonderful and this site seems to have them all.

Look at this thing pictured below. If I knew what to do with a 5″ blossom, I’d do it.  Maybe get 12 of them and bundle them up to pretend I’m Miss New Jersey?

Fullscreen capture 8282013 30226 PM
a 5″ bloom on a 26″ stem

Or maybe stick them in a big vase as part of my bedroom redo in a style so perfectly identified by a new commenter as “Parisian Whorehouse”. Seriously, I’m considering getting three of these for a big vase display on the dresser.

Question: how many bunches of fake flowers can one 12 ft x 15 ft room reasonably carry? Because if it’s more than 2, I might throw in a cluster of peonies and hydrangeas. Afloral.com doesn’t have a lot of different types flowers but the ones they do have … ooh la la. As we say in the Parisian whorehouses.

You should probably get back to work, Suzette.

Oh I forgot to mention this little 13″ X 24″ arrangement of Hydrangeas and Queen Anne’s Lace  that I found at another website for $899.99. I keep re-reading the details to see if that price is for a dozen arrangements but  it seems to be for only one. I’m a big fan of both QAL and reckless impulse spending but I think I’ll pass on this one.

* Busy And Important™

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Orchids …”

  1. Get the Ranunculus! Oh, please, please!
    I love Ranunculus and maybe French whorehouses. Not sure of that last thing having never visited one, but it sounds like Ranunculus would fit in perfectly

  2. IMO, less is more in the “rose room”. One perfect rose showcased in an exquisite vase would be a Wow! factor.
    (you have to photo the room when it’s done, it sounds beautiful)

    1. Do consider the orchids if they would fit. Thinking of the French boudoir theme…ever read Swann’s Way?

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