Windex Wishes and Lemon Pledge Dreams

Know what I would do if I won the  lottery? I’d buy genuine WIndex and honest-to-God Pledge. Not WinDowEx  or “Lemon Polish” from the dollar store.  And God help me I’d never buy pine oil again. It would be Mr Clean Summer Citrus all the way. Spic and Span all the way. America’s greatness rests on dependable brand names. Maybe if the jackpot was really sizable, I’d indulge in the purchase of Comet Cleanser – the gritty kind that makes a mess in your drain pipes but leaves your stainless steel so squeaky clean.


Lets say you decluttered , dusted and polished two night stands, one headboard,  one large mirrored vanity, one double dresser with full mirror. And you did a good job but it wore. you. out. Would you be able to walk away without doing the same to the 5-drawer chest? Asking for a friend.

Try not to faint but I just bought this lamp:

$(KGrHqJ,!lwFFy5pmCo9BReu(oB7CQ~~60_57 (1)
eBay! Act surprised.

I was on the fence about it for several days but my daughter told me that it’s “very me” and that sealed the deal.

Sami is very okay with the vintage rose theme I am starting to bring to life for the forlorn old master bedroom.  In fact,  I believe he is looking forward to rewiring that old lamp. And even if he isn’t, may I remind you that his hometown was under French rule for decades and the stylistic appearance of Cairo is a combination of  French Beau Monde and British classicism.  So he is very comfortable with fancy delicate painted porcelain objets.

I washed the mattress pad and put on new sheets that have a golden scroll pattern. My plan is to read all the books I don’t have time for otherwise while gentle music plays quietly in the background.  I’m about 20 pages into Letourneau’s Used Auto Parts and if you have ever read any Carolyn Chute, this photo of the author and her husband explains a lot. The outdated and giantly wide boom box from my office is in place on the Lane hope chest with the remote control at my bedside in case WQXR’s “songs that evoke the fading hours of day” is too drippy for me and I have to click over to NPR to listen to a short story by T. Coraghessan Boyle. Aw heck if it comes to that, I’d rather go back downstairs and watch the RHoNJ that I DVR’d earlier in the evening.

But of course that wouldn’t suit. The windows are open and the nights are refreshingly cool. I’ll lay in the dark and listen to crickets and look out at the moonlight on the maple leaves,  thinking about what a loser I am for not finishing up that 5-drawer chest.

7 thoughts on “Windex Wishes and Lemon Pledge Dreams”

  1. I saw your tweet on Stedman. How is he? Have you taken him to the vet? He seems a little young for the degenerative spine thing. Maybe it’s reversible if treated quickly. Hope he’s better soon.

  2. Didn’t Scarlett say something like “I’ll worry about it tomorrow”. That 5-drawer chest is not going anywhere.

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