My God The Woman Is A Genius

Do not for a minute doubt the utter genius of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Long time readers know how adept she is at sending political messages via her wardrobe choices and we all respect and admire that even if we don’t agree with the message. But she has stepped it up a notch by sending messages via the animal kingdom.

In 2011, it came to light that The Clinton’s had two dogs – an athritic lab and a bouncy poodle.

When I’m home, we go on these walks and we have this old Labrador who has arthritis, and we always try to convince him to come out for a walk. And then we have this toy poodle that we got to keep the Labrador company and to try to get the Labrador to be more energetic. And she’s, like, bouncing all the time.”

Hmmm. Getting a bouncy younger dog to re-energize the slower older one. Where have I heard this before? I think it was quite recently.


Apparently, their canine tribe has increased to 3. Not content with out-vacationing the Obamas by working through the NYT to let it be know that they’ve been coming to the Hamptons so long that they’ve established multiple circles, – they’ve got a regular place for junk food and they go to night clubs but are not so vulgarly arriviste – but now they have out-dogged them as well.

…  morning walks on the beach with their dogs. (They now have three: Seamus, an 8-year-old arthritic chocolate Labrador; Tally, a poodle; and a new companion, Maisie, a curly-haired pup of undetermined breed.)

Do you see the genius here? No? Let me assist:

  • Seamus, an 8-year-old arthritic chocolate Labrador – just in case the Low Fos can’t remember the name of BJ’s first chocolate lab and how it met its untimely death at a young age, the illusion is created that this chocolate lab – so old it’s got arthritis! – is the one BJ had while still in office. No worries that the Low Fos can discredit this notion by actually counting off the years. 
  • Tally, a poodle – Hell yeah a poodle. A toy poodle. There’s your women’s vote right there. I’d sure vote for a presidential candidate with a toy poodle. How very sly that these dogs are familiarly known as “French Poodles” but this one if referred to only a “a poodle”. Let’s see BHO wiggle away from the “Portuguese” part of his dog’s breed. America!
  • Maisie, a curly-haired pup of undetermined breed – Aaand the hammer falls.  Take that,  Obama. No PETA pounding here for buying a pedigreed animal instead of getting a rescue dog. No mention that Maisie actually was a rescue, but seriously who is going to lay out any kind of money for a pup of undetermined breed?

And just to be sure they win the one-upping, it was revealed that there’s a 4th Clinton dog – this one the most beloved of all even though no one knew of its existence before. True or not, the story is out there about a 4th dog.  And you how it is – if you read it on the internet, it must be true.

5 thoughts on “My God The Woman Is A Genius”

  1. You, madame are the genius, trend-spotter emeritus. That trash mag trick having the photo of the doggie with Hillary’s photo in the corner is how they link alien births to celebrities, isn’t it?

  2. Holy crap. A fourth dog, name “Spinee”, Spinee??. As in political spin? Who Hillary was asking for prayers for. Prayers? Hillary? Anyone else think this dog is pure fakery?

    The only good thing I can think of about Hillary’s reemergence is that Suzette will have lots of material. 😉

  3. So perhaps this fourth dog “Spinee” is the dog for her D.C. home and the others stay with Bill, wherever that is. Notice she said Spinee is her beloved. Guess Bubba is out of luck on that one.

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