America’s Dog. And It’s Not Sunny.

So the Obamas got another Portuguese Water Dog. I believe this was widely covered by the American press at the same time they were ignoring how members of the religion of peace were slaughtering Christians, burning churches and starving Copts in Egypts but hey priorities, amirite?

The dog is the story. And, as with every other story put forth about him, the first thing Obama does is tell a lie about it and no one in the media questions it. When news of the new dog broke , Obama pulled out his “I’m just a poor old dad” routine and said they HAD to get another dog because 15 year old Malaria and 12 year Sausage would be leaving for college soon and Mom and Dad would be empty nesters. In 6 years.

[The story has now morphed into the old dog Bo being lonely so a second dog was necessary to give him dog companionship. To quote the brilliant Liz, “Whatever, you moron”.]

The second thing he did, also true to character, is pull out the Arrogance Card and make one of his folksy  remarks that reminds us yet again what a complete dick he is. This time it was at the very end of one of those love-fests that CNN calls “an interveiw”:

First Lady Michelle Obama, meanwhile, is in “full parenting mode,” the president said — especially because little Sunny has already had a few accidents in the White House. The president didn’t seem too concerned though. “We live in rental housing. We didn’t have to put down a deposit,” he said. 

There’s your president, America.


8 thoughts on “America’s Dog. And It’s Not Sunny.

  1. Like the girls pay that much attention to their parents or Bo ? I do believe Miss Sunny was brought into the WH to give Bo something else to sniff, hump and be blamed for “accidents” on our historic carpets. Dear God, I hope she’s spayed.

    I’m also surprised they didn’t name her “Squirrel” 😀

  2. The media breathed a huge sigh of relief. With all the real news, which wasn’t good for their chosen one, the distraction of a new dog was like an answered prayer….except they don’t pray and most wouldn’t report the story if it was found out the President stole the dogs from a homeless man.

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