Can I borrow $644.99 so that I can buy this marigold glass tumble up?   Just wondering…. don’t be afraid to say no to me. EVERYBODY ELSE DOES.


7 thoughts on “Question

  1. Well, I’ve re~opened my antique store after playing hooky for the last 5 years….and you should sooo be here right now! I don’t have this particular item, but if I did….it would totally be yours for only twenty bucks or so.

    I have a lot of the kind of stuff you’ve posted cravings for over the years. And at super low “gotta move it” prices. If you let me know any other things you’re looking for, I might have it.

    Or you could always fly out to Oregon and dig through my warehouse of stuff! *wink!*

  2. I don’t know… I’m tempted to give you the money. After all this marigold glass tumble up is in “Rermarkable condition.” It says so right there on the ad.

  3. The way I count it that thing has about 12 descriptors and I think that is about $54 per word. There’s your trouble.

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