I don’t know how it happened. It was partly that Sami overstayed his time in the mushy Magic Motion bed after his surgery last year; partly because the mattress in our master bedroom had seen better days decades; partly because all of the other bedrooms are unoccupied now and we had so many options about where to sleep. Whatever the contributing factors, the fact is that the master bedroom turned into a dressing room slash piles of laundry and junk area. If you’ve ever watched COPS search for a suspect in his own home, you know what those bedrooms looked like. Mine was worse. Not as bad as Hoarders but  worse than COPS.

But push came to shove and I had to take action. The push was that we had new windows installed last week*. The shove was me pushing things into organized temporary piles for easy access to the three windows in there. But now the windows are in and it’s me coming to grips with the reality of a room we don’t use because of clutter. Sami must be feeling it too because he voluntarily thinned out his necktie collection.

But this is the real story – I’m going to repaint the bedroom and change the textiles. And my inspiration is a set of inexpensive area rugs that I bought a long time ago and never unrolled. In my whole life, I always avoided roses as decor theme because I never wanted to be perceived as limited by my gender and roses so girly right? But now I believe the time has come.

We’re going full on rose.

Roses in mixed patterns. The carpet, a bedspread with embroidered roses**, a chair cover in a pattern that sort of resembles the medallion of the rug, two very big Redoute roses matted in ivory moiré that I bought a lifetime ago from Bombay Company***. Even the lace has little rose-like flowers woven in.


my vision

Is it too much? No. It is hardly enough. The lace is off-white, the walls will be a creamy ivory and the woodwork off-white. It might not be the riot of roses I envision. Accessories might make the difference – I’m stalking crystal clocks, vintage Lefton tumble ups and pink Depression glass.  Maybe I’ll spray-paint a lamp to pep things up. Mauve is not a popular color anymore. Did you know that?

Anyway, these are the plans. Sami is in the big closet right now and the only discard items he’s coming out with are mine! I know I have to throw out the matching set of Harvest Gold hard-sided Airway luggage (with train case!) that I got for a high school graduation present but geez, let me be the one to decide will ya?

On second thought, yank that bandaid, Sami. Just take it away and don’t let me see it go out the door.

* Life changing event! Remind me to tell you some time what it’s like to go to any widow in the house and push the bottom panel up to exactly where you want it and it stays there.

** Uh oh. It’s not on sale anymore. She who hesitates is lost.

*** Gawd, how I loved that place.


7 thoughts on “Everything

  1. I honestly love you. You have described our master bedroom to a T. I would be afraid to admit it, except you did it first. (I’m talking about the piles of laundry and clutter, not the roses)
    I have no plans to do any redecorating at this time, but I love following your adventures in that regard.
    Whatever happened with the front door?

  2. Mauve is my favorite color. 25 years ago my mother said my bedroom looked like a Parisian whorehouse. Still love mauve and roses and lace curtains.

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