20 Bucks

Ladies and Gentleman, watch closely as I commence the laziest form of blogging ever invented and I think I might even have been the one to invent it: taking reader comments whole and adding my remarks to them but publishing them as a new post. 

The Proprietor: Most people now buy their tools at Lowes/HD/Walmart, where cheap Chinese crap is sold. Yes, you can buy Porter-Cable, Milwaukee or Bosch tools there, but at 3x the price, so most people walk out with a Ryobi. (I confess to this at times.) They not only have no “patina”, they can be downright dangerous to use: dull blades and bits, cheap wiring, plastic parts that break at critical moments. I have approx. 6 large power tools and about 8 hand-held power tools. I managed over time to get decent versions of most things through garage sales, Craigs List, etc.

Coincidentally, I bought a lovely little walnut side table from Craigslist yesterday. It has a scratch on the top and wee bit of veneer is chipped off of the drawer at the corner but as I told the seller when I handed over my 20 bucks, I’d rather have a good piece of furniture that’s a little bit banged up than spend a lot of money on new crap made out of particle board. – Suzette

Update! I forgot that I had a picture of 20 bucks worth of banged-up quality.

It was a swift transaction. Wouldn’t you have jumped on it? That’s the garage floor of the sellers, not carpeting.

You can buy Delta or Craftsman used and, if old enough, were made here in the US. Used power tools never cost more than 40% of new. (You just have to figure out how to lift them into the car and rewire the garage with 220v outlets.)  Pet Theory of the Day: things began to go downhill when kids no longer had to take mandatory shop class in high school. I’m sure Mr. Sami has an opinion on this when not fulminating on the situation in Egypt.

Mr. Sami is almost sleepless now. He monitors the Arab world news broadcasts and opinions both published and man-on-the-street and then rehashes them with his coast-to-coast network of Egyptian Americans. He stays up until wee small hours to catch the early morning news from Cairo and then is back online in time for the when the day’s action starts up, usually after the country wakes up from it’s after-lunch nap. Mr. Sami and his cohorts are greatly greatly distressed. – Suzette

5 thoughts on “20 Bucks”

  1. Of course Sami has much more to worry about than I do, but the events in Egypt make me so livid I can hardly stand to watch what’s going on there. Our entire state department must have lost its collective mind. Assuming there is a mind there to lose.

  2. Here’s an idea: A separate blog that is a Cripes Suzette version of Instapundit. Just link to the article and add your bit of wisdom.

  3. I’m sure you know more about minor repairs than I do, but I have read walnuts rubbed on scratches will cover them nicely. Your side table is very attractive.

  4. My Creative Commons license limits re-posting to those who occasionally blog about tiki bars. So you’re good to go.

    More seriously, we have reached a point where the Egyptian army is better at killing jihadists than ours. Every one they eliminate is one less engaged in a basement circle jerk with their fellows while fantasizing about virgins and blowing us up. The Ob-irony is, we are trying to get them to stop doing our job for us.

    Even more seriously, my Rigid Oscillating Spindle Sander that I thought was of sturdy construction, turns out to have plastic parts in critical areas. I am major pissed. I thought I was breaking the Home Depot paradigm. Fap!

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