Le Freak C’est Chic

It’s been a long time since I bought  the New Yorker magazine. Probably just as long as the New Yorker magazine had anything in it worth buying.  Yesterday’s reveal of next week’s cover cover was quite shocking but not because of Anthony’s wiener – do you see that the newsstand price is now $6.99? Who would even let go of that kind of money for anything for or about him without a phone call from Hillary?


Le freak

Now that’s indecent.

Looks like Tony And His Big Baloney is history now and all eyes are now on the wonder and glory of Whooma. My favorite piece so far is the Daily News piece about her rich, glowing hair and her chic but effortless personal style:

“She’s a one-two-three girl,” he says. “Shower, comb, lipstick, clothes and out the door.” 

They forgot to point out her knack with accessories. Imagine what she can do in basic black.

naked ambition

C’est chic!


6 thoughts on “Le Freak C’est Chic

  1. After watching the Mayor of San Diego and the no-longer-Congressman from NYC at their pressers, it occurs to me that homely looking men without personal charm, must turn to positions of power to seduce women.

    MrWeiner, resembling a shell-less turtle, was only able to gain a bed-partner by means of a business agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood and MrsClinton, both of whom needed to situate Huma somewhere in the US political circle.
    Huma, with all the charm and physical attributes of the cartoon “Olive Oyl”, simply could not meet the physical needs of MrWeiner, hence his desperate search for nubile and willing 22 year old sluts to admire his penis and promise to jump on it as soon as he rents them a nice condo in Indiana.

    The Mayor of San Diego, a prisoner of his manly needs, tried to seduce women of all ages and failed. As a homely, charmless old man, he found instead of love and sex, an angry mob of feminists and lesbians who were willing to endure his batteries on their person until someone was brave enough to go “public”. The Mayor’s attempts at lovemaking that included chokeholds and slobbering on women’s faces were leftover charms from another “generation” and proved to be his downfall.

    • I love it when srdem65 lets fly …. good stuff. The shell-less turtle is wizard!

      My late angel of a Mother, who would have been 109 tomorow (XO Mom), would have dismissed Whooma with “horse-faced” and let it go at that.

  2. The uglier they are the more twisted they are. But, the biggest question is how did they get elected in the first place?
    As for Huma, she has that subtle undefinable beauty (like Hillary’s) that is not at all beautiful but is politically powerful. It’s called extreme left dog….ma.

  3. Politics in America is now past the point of parody. I haven’t watched SNL since Suzette stopped buying The New Yorker, but if they are still doing that news segment, what the hell do they joke about that isn’t already more absurd than they could ever be?

    It appears that, according to the Star-Ledger, all prominent pols now have stalkers from their opposition at all events waiting to pounce on the first gaffe to present itself. This in the context of Cory Booker, Celebrity Mayor and soon to be Celebrity US Senator from NJ.

    Mayor Booker appears to be celibate, always suspicious behavior in the TMZ universe. Stay tuned…

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