Last Night On WordPress

Last night on WordPress, I very wrongly predicted that Hillary would not be giving the same stand by your man advice to Whooma.  When I saw the late afternoon press conference put on by the Mr. and Mrs., at first I felt sorry for the poor shaky-voiced Mrs. in her first speaking role until I saw a practiced shoulder shrug for emphasis. She had me right up until that moment. Now you look at that shrug at 5:25 in the video below and tell me this is not a graduate of the Hillary Clinton School of Acting:

I watched this a second time and realized that during the candidate’s remarks, she was the opposite of an embarrassed wife. She was running through the lines, patiently awaiting her turn to perform.

I hope Wiener stays in the news for a long time before leaving the public spotlight forever*. This is vastly entertaining.

*No I don’t. As least in the public spotlight, you have a chance of knowing what people are up to. It’s out of the spotlight that Weiner and his ilk* do their worst.

* Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Democrats


9 thoughts on “Last Night On WordPress

  1. She was watching like she was fearful of a cootie jump. She probably should have stayed at least a foot further. Those cooties can jump up to five feet.

  2. I didn’t listen, but watched. I see what you mean about the shoulder shrug. I did notice that she kept looking back at him and smiling and he kept the same frozen look on his fact, also know as the ARF (the male version of the Bitchy Resting Face). That seemed strange. She is Hillary’s daughter by another mother.

  3. There is an “Anthony Weiner Twitter Name Generator” here.

    I am “Antonio Trouble.” And here I thought “Trouble” was my middle name.

  4. The energy in the room seemed to peter out. I liked the cubicle guy, however. Now he blames the stress of marriage for his more recent airing of his laundry and pride and joy.

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