Danger Lurks

Anthony Weiner  Carlos Danger in the news again.

In fairness though, Weiner’s not admitting a thing and falling aback on the old “this is old news” line of defense. Anyway,  it’s quite likely that Breitbart probably crawled out of his grave to hack into the twitter account of the well-connected Democrat.

Something tells me Auntie Hill is not going to be giving the same stand by your man advice to Sad But Loyal Huma this time around.

Post-Press Conference UPDATE: OMG! Whooma freshened up her red lipstick for this. I did feel sorry for her for about a minute and a half – right up until that very well practiced shoulder shrug/ self-deprecating grin combo. I heard Hillary’s inflections in every word she said and I daresay there were even a few of Hill’s sad knowing head shakes there, too. They deserve each other. All three of them.

Secret message to Whooma: My marriage has had its ups and downs too but they weren’t because of public humiliation due to my husband’s repellant hobbies.


6 thoughts on “Danger Lurks

  1. This is just too bizarre. After the “upsanddowns” remark there was an exasperated laugh when she said “and a lot of THERAPY” in which she sounded exactly like Hillary. I see much more therapy in both their futures so–no rest for the poor rehab nurse!

    • Yes! I kept waiting for hand puppets to pop up and make snide off-color remarks. Oh, well. The main show was entertaining enough.

  2. I made a comment last night in which I used the word dick with reference to Carlos. It seems that is not an acceptable practice as WordPress refused to allow it to post. My apologies. We all know Mr. Danger is a dick, but I guess it’s not nice to say it.

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