Let’s Make A Mess On A Sunday Morning*

Major news bulletin: I got out of my own house yesterday and I might do it again today.

Mess made. Mission accomplished. The fish that is barfing up a wet sponge is my favorite part of this picture.

But before I got up and went, I had the great idea to make a favorite soup of mine that is perfect for this cold weather – Mrs. Smith’s Zippy Red Beet Soup. Although I first came across this soup at Thanksgiving time, it’s perfect for cold weather.

Back in the day when food blogging wasn’t a thing yet and people weren’t so damn serious! about everything, I was a pioneer and internationally famous. Well, we were all something back in the day, weren’t’ we? Now I can barely string together coherent sentences and I have no original ideas left in me.** But I will say that I sincerely love with the intensity of a thousands suns each and every single one of the 6 readers I have left.

Beets are a  superfood, although not anybody’s idea of one of those respected superfoods, they’re more like a secret superfood or a  don’t want to be seen in public together superfood but I don’t know why. Red beets forever! At supper tonight, I’ll be mixing in a little sour cream making this soup turn the most delightful shade of hot pink. this is excitement in a bowl.

Can you not actually SMELL the white vinegar wafting up from this glorious concoction?

*full title: Let’s Make A Mess On A Sunday Morning And Get Beet Stains All Over Our White iPhones

** That gives me a great idea and this one is probably not original either. For the upcoming week, I am going to pick blog posts from around the web that I find interesting write about the same thing. Why didn’t I think of this before? Why don’t they teach this in blogging school? I could have saved myself a lot of brain-squeezing to come up with interesting blog fodder if I had been doing this all long.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Mess On A Sunday Morning*”

  1. Perhaps I am missing something here … you are making soup for COLD weather? Twice you mentioned COLD weather. Oy, I thought your part of the country was either having … or imminent to having … a heat wave. Color me confused, Missy!

  2. I wish there was a blogging school. I have no clue on how to get started. This soup would be good to take to work–can’t bring myself to use the nasty employee microwave.

  3. Nooooo! Do not succumb to the temptation to become like other bloggers. Keep squeezing that brain.
    I dislike beets, but you make them sound like something a human could eat.

  4. 1) Around here this summer, highs in the 80s are considered “cold weather”.

    2) “Red” beets is an unnecessary modifier. Beets are red. There may be other colored beets but it is they who require the modifier. Yours truly, the Prejudicial Style Police.

  5. I do not get where the self-dissatisfaction comes from. Maybe it is like Alexander the Great weeping when he saw there were no more world for him to conquer. Your photo eloquently tells a most intriguing story. Maybe the world of a photo-blogger appeals to you more now.

  6. Yep, I’d go with the Alexander the Great thesis. Sigh. You can’t quit now! I just got here. And I learned that beets (my most unfavorite veggie) are actually a superfood.

  7. I absolutely LOVE beets!!

    I’d also venture to guess you have more than 6 readers. 😉 I find your entries fascinating and insightful – definitely *not* like every-other-run-of-the-mill bloggers. #1 reason your blog ROCKS. #fact

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