Process Evolution

Here’s where I’m at: I just bought a new food processor. It’s a discontinued model.

If it was 50 years ago, I’d probably be writing letters to the newspaper editor or getting dressed up as a lemon to picket a used car dealership*but since I am thoroughly modern, I take to the internet to spread my opinion,  look for agreement and influence others because I am definitely in dang this new fangled gadgetry mode. We do still have a letters to the editor feature in the free newspaper that gets thrown in our driveway once a week, although most of the letters are about things like volunteer litter pick-up brigades or from aging Springsteen fans complimenting his performances.


I decided on a Cuisinart DLC – 8S**. And the thing that decided me was the simple big ass buttons. The DLC-*C has been replaced by the FP-12. It’s been replaced by a something with those slippery electronic contact pads and you know what? I do not have faith in their long-term viability nor in their repairability.***


When we got married, we received a GE food processor/blender combo like the one in the picture above. It lasted a good long while and I don’t really remember why or how it went bad but we replaced it with the same model from my mother’s house only hers was years older. This is what we’re still using today, except for the loss of the blender part that cracked. Tomorrow we’ll be using the 2003 Cuisinart.

I don’t know. Maybe we didn’t even really need a new processor. The old one is still grinding away, although with a tiny bit of leaking from the bottom of the bowl and a considerable amount of …um,  let’s call it “evidence of use” between the little ass buttons which will probably never be able to removed at this point even with a chisel. eBay is full of these old GEs and there are even individual parts that you can buy so I guess there’s a fairly significant vintage food processor market going on. I told Sami about the eBay thing and he got all excited and said “Maybe I should some parts there!” so I’m thinking that portends he is not actually planning to get rid of the old beige beast.

*True story. Best friend’s mother. She won her case.

**Not sure when this went into production but it came with a manual printed in 2003.

*** The touch pads are not the only reason I didn’t buy this one – the bowls reverted back from BPA-free**** plastic on the model I have to BPA-laden on this new one. Stealth reversion. V sneaky, Cuisinart.

**** I am not really the type to worry about this kind of thing but now all these damn VEGANS are in my head and this is the kind of stuff that they are always going on about.

5 thoughts on “Process Evolution”

  1. Well, for heaven’s sake, please do not use any genetically modified stuff in there…the plastic may cause global warming if you combine the two.

    I also do not trust the new versions of anything. Between that feeling and no longer knowing 3/4 of the people in the UK Daily Mail (and being free of tattoos, stamp tramps, etc) I am showing my age.

  2. I’ve never had a food processor. Never needed one I guess. As for buying a discontinued model, sounds like a good plan. Wonder if it’ll last as long as its predecessor. Happy Cuisinarting!

  3. Well mine is a Kitchen Aid with big button-like things. I love my food processor and use it more than I use my stand mixer. I hope it works well and lasts long and perhaps you could process a few rocks and rubber cement in the old one.

    I don’t think you need to worry about BPA unless you let stuff sit in there a long time. Still, I’m surprised they reverted to using it.

  4. I have an extremely long rant about our new washer that I will not bore you with, other than that our previous (Kenmore) lasted 19 years and the new (Samsung) lasted 19 days.

    No washer. Heatwave. Etc…

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