Sunny With A Chance Of Hot Sauce

I felt like I needed to eat an egg this morning. Plus I drank orange juice without diluting it. Jupiter must be aligned with Mars today or something.

I know that it was only yesterday that I was just complaining about fried eggs with runny yolks showing up all over the place, but here we are. I blame subliminal influences.

Speaking of chickens and the summer weather … everything is shriveling up out there from the prolonged intense heat and the absence of the cloudbursts we have been conditioned to expect this month. Don’t even ask about the bright red geraniums. Just know that I am doing my best to kee them viable.  The only thing that’s really thriving is the Hen ‘N Chicks in the Talavera chicken – it’s even harboring some infant maple trees. The creeping thyme in the Talavera turtle has lost its charming little flowers and while not exactly lush and beautiful is vigorously creeping out of its container and is making its way across the concrete stoop.

next year everything hen ‘n chicks

7 thoughts on “Sunny With A Chance Of Hot Sauce”

  1. Speaking astrologically–
    This is a book I think you may enjoy: Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook” by Debbi Kempton-Smith. It is marketed as a beginner’s book but it’s very good and I just love it.
    I Know you are a Gemini but just how much of your birth chart is influenced by Gemini, the 3rd house, or the other air signs Libra and Aquarius? I’m convinced you’ve already figured out everything this book has to say but it might help you ‘splain it to other poor schlubs on this planet. Excerpts: Gemini Sun-“…even Gemini babies are born sophisticated”, Moon-“This specimen does not only understand media they ARE little radios that jabber…it’s comforting mostly…they will even befriend a bore if that bore has some time and a car to ride around in…thy trash and thy trivia, it comforts them…cruel gossips?…they think they are merely being witty and interesting… ”, 3rd House Sun-…embodied by Picasso’s “shrewd and artistic eye. You’re the messenger which makes you a writer, teacher, an actor purveying the ideas of other people…a master of words”.

    1. I WAS BORN SOPHISTICATED! even though I sprang forth in a played-out coal mining area and didn’t set foot in a library until I was 12 and only ate 5 different dinners until I was 18. Thank the lucky stars that I WAS BORN SOPHISTICATED! or I might never have survived.

  2. Fried eggs with runny yolks and toast are worthy of inclusion in the best of. . . whatever you got. They’re certainly the best of the only 5 breakfasts I ate until I was 18. I could be happy having only that for breakfast for the rest of my life. That said, I can’t stand the idea of putting a runny yolk fried egg on a hamburger or any of the other things I see on the interwebs.

    I’m hungry.

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