Stop. The. Presses.

h2Read these tea leaves:

Feminine hairdo?  √ 

Serious but form flattering new suit? √ 

Cat that ate the canary face? 


Oh please Lord – from Keith Koffler’s lips to Your ears. How I long for the nation’s daily spotlight to shine on Hillary again. How wonderful it would be to have such a skilled manipulator, such a masterful deliverer of the passive-aggressive cheap shot, such an innocently wide-eyed performer of the what do you mean what do I mean routine put herself before us for scrutiny once again.

Oh sure she’s never been off the stage but I have to conclude that the nitty gritty of her performance as Secretary of State wasn’t really something that she wanted on display. Hello Mid-Eastern fruit of her labors! I don’t even care – just give us something interesting to watch again. World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama was good for a few rounds of the same laugh for a while there but how long was it really before that got old? I mean one can only make the same little eye/wave that crotch around joke so many times.

No more – the trashy behavior grows dull, the inelegant and 8th grade level speeches begin to bore, the blatant greed and disregard for her prestigious position is becomes tarsome instead of shocking and as the most beautiful most tasteful most brilliant narrative is finally blessedly! petering out.  Now – give us Hillary. And give us along with her the hound dog husband and the chubby brother, the Planned Parenthood-pushing daughter with the Whack-A-Mole careers and the ski bum husband. Give us photo ops with Nancy Pelosi visibly choking back her disdain and please dear Lord give us the pantsuits.

Here’s some other public activity that we might be seeing in the very near future. Be on the lookout for:

  • Hillary & Bill – possibly Chelsea & what is it Mike? Mark? – obtain a photogenic pet that quite suddenly becomes the subject of prolonged media attention.
  • There’s a barely perceptible public put-down (wink wink) directed towards Huma’s husband at about the same time that Hillary inserts single motherhood due to cheatin’ snakes  into her daily rhetoric.
  • A certain  Muslim/Jewish toddler with a cheatin’ snake for a father  inexplicably gets baptized.  Godmother: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Chelsea Clinton goes under the knife again to shave off the parts of her original face that grew back since her initial surgical makeover.

    hrc cc
    June 2013

4 thoughts on “Stop. The. Presses.”

  1. Why doesn’t she look her best all the time instead of hiding out looking like a redneck grandma as Secretary of State? Maybe she thinks the low info voters won’t recognize her as the same person.
    (She wore a scruchie for Hell’s sake!) (Not a great reflection on Huma’s influence.)

  2. Our leaders are at this point anointed by the Media. They will either choose her or not. However, I share your hope that they will. Scoundrels and shills are the only thing that makes national politics worth following.

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