Pulse Check

Darling readers, in the last two days I’ve worked a total of 23 hours. And then got a gentle warning about life/work imbalance although no complaints were lodged about my output. Such a very busy high-powered executive woman does not have time to constantly monitor the pulse of pop culture and must make do with periodic check-ins. And so, here are the trends and hot spots that concern me today:

  • I have completely lost touch with the doings of Bethenny Frankel. Not sure I really want to at this point. It’s just that  I used to know every thing about her and what she was doing and what her immediate future plans were. Now I don’t. It was a disappointment to see that marriage and motherhood didn’t broaden her perspective and help her see and understand things that were beyond the end of her own nose. One expects some degree of growth from people, sooner or later. She was a emotional late bloomer and  I held out hope that love and success could help her live more comfortably in her own skin.
  • I’ve heard cicadas exactly once this summer. Are the fireflies still around? Someone asked me and I didn’t know because the weather is not conducive to sitting around outside doing nothing and casually observing other living things. I haven’t seen a bat in I don’t know how long. I miss the bats.
  •  VPD meets V.A.P.I.D.  Jesusgod.
  • Has American Gypsies been renewed? I hope so because I am awaiting its return. I could take or leave Amish Mafia leave mostly I guess except that it left me with the name Lebanon Levi stuck  in my head. I used to pine for a waspy sorority sister name like Bunny or Tinks but now I want an alliterative descriptor. Seaside Susie. Central Jersey Sue. I might have to move.
  • Must. Have. Onion. Goggles.
  • V much looking forward to the birth of Will & Kate’s as I like to call them royal baby. I am strongly rooting for a little princess solely for the smocking. Can you imagine the smocking that will go on? On the other hand, I will spend the rest of my earthly days reading about the change in the succession rule that allows her to be Will’s primary heir to the monarchy which is already old for me so maybe the smocking will not be able to counterbalance that and I should be rooting for a boy.

2 thoughts on “Pulse Check

  1. You might check in on the Food Channel and watch four people (usually weird looking) who call themselves “chef” try to make a meal out of a chocolate Easter bunny, kafir, fillet of wild boar, and grape jelly beans.
    It’s very soothing and makes one feel superior to observe a “chef” produce a dish that one would send back to the kitchen.

  2. Since we now nickname laws, the change to the Act of Succession should probably be called Charles’ Law, since his depressing life is the object lesson that brought about the re-thinking.

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