The Real Housewife Of Loony Ville

Although I don’t have enough time right now to give this topic the full attention that it deserves, I couldn’t wait any longer to comment on nude model and public idiot Jenny McCarthy’s new gig as The View’s newest panelist. Here are your two take-aways for this morning:

  1. There is no controversy about a connection between vaccines and autism. There is no controversy about a connection between vaccines and autism. That particular bit of deliberate misinformation has been scientifically proven to be false by multiple controlled large-scale clinical studies and the immunological and epidemiological world stands behind that proof. There is no controversy about a connection between vaccines and autism.
  2. Jenny McCarthy has a body count attached to her name.

Click to view the current body count attached to Jenny McCarthy.

I have total sympathy for parents distraught over their children’s unexplained medical problems. That doesn’t mean that suspicion, strong emotions or lack of evidence pointing to a definitive cause entitles them to make claims against vaccines and do great damage to society as a whole  and to individuals in specific by increasing vaccine preventable diseases.

From my archives: When I was swarmed by a small group of anti-vaccination activists and held within their circle.


3 thoughts on “The Real Housewife Of Loony Ville

  1. “She’s not there” is a good description of Jenny McCarthy. Not being a fan of The View in any iteration, I think that she’ll fit in just fine with whoever the heck is on it now. All she needed to be was blonde, right?

  2. I’ve never seen an entire episode of the View, but from the little I did see Jenny will fit right in with the rest of the loony chicks. I wonder if she’ll be wearing clothes.

  3. When her kid was born and it became evident he had a cognitive disorder, she at first claimed he was a “crystal child”, .i.e. the next step in human evolution. When a diagnosis of autism became inescapable she then went looking for a different bogieman.

    Her unwillingness to accept that she gave birth to a child with a long-term adverse condition – possibly although not necessarily as a result of self-indulgences on her part – has led to collateral damage. That damage could increase exponentially if the producers of The View allow her the bully pulpit.

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