I’m Glad I Heard the Cicadas At Least Once

Does your weather map look like this? I bet it does. Here in the northeast, we have the added feature of oppressive humidity as well.


Yesterday evening wasn’t so bad. I went out to the deck and fully reclined* so I could be better prepared to snap the low flying jets as they came over the treetops but all I got was sky (concept and execution brought to you by two glasses of chardonnay). Lo and behold, I suddenly realized I was listening to cicada song, if that’s what you call it.

I was feeling low because even though this is the swarm of the century and I’m as central as central Jersey gets I hadn’t heard a single one this summer. What I finally did hear wasn’t the deafening racket that we all were promised but I’m glad the bugs produced a few bursts during the short amount of time I was able to spend in a dry seat in a livable temperature. I tried to capture the sound on my phone’s video thing but … see above, chardonnay.

One bad part about weather like this is that it completely ruins any notion of going outside to pull weeds. On the other hand, no one is out there to see my weedy flower beds anyway. I’d say cold comfort but that doesn’t seem suitable.

Later on today, I will spit in the eye of my air conditioned kitchen by attempting to make a vegetable pie with a cheesy polenta crust.

*Feet up. Pat me on the popo**

** Just joking. Don’t touch my popo.


6 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Heard the Cicadas At Least Once

  1. You have to be sure to pronounce Chardonnay correctly as they do in Australia. After listening to this 8-900 times I had it down pat.

  2. If I do pat you on the popo, I somehow expect that I will not then hear you laugh.

    Way to bust out the incredibly old song references, lady.

    I tried to weed my flower bed in the evening hours when the heat wouldn’t kill me. Turns out that my knees no longer allow this activity, at all. Now what? I got weeds!

  3. It’s “only” going to hit 97F tomorrow here in Phoenix, we’re excited about going outside during the sunlight hours again.
    I guess it’s all relevant.

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