This Is Our New Thing

Lately, I’ve taken to using the downstairs powder room without turning the light on. Not always, but most times. In the daytime, you don’t need a light. In the twilight, there’s enough light coming through the window to see everything that needs to be seen. In the dark, I do sometimes – not always, just sometimes – leave the door cracked open just a bit to let some outer room light in. I know what I’m doing in there. I’ve been doing it long enough that I believe I can do it with my eyes closed. Or in the dark.

He, on the other hand, is like a modern day pharaoh. All doors and gates are left open in case he needs to go through them and all rooms remain lit up in case he needs to go back into them. He would never in a million years be in a room that wasn’t illuminated.

It’s not a matter of economy with us – just a difference in personal style.

So this is our new thing:

  1.  I go into the powder room. I don’t turn on the light. I sit there thinkin’ like Abraham Lincoln.
  2. He comes along and says to himself  “Here is a closed door that needs to be opened” so he whams open the door.
  3. I go “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” at a very loud volume because the sudden door opening surprises me.
  4. He goes  “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” at a very loud volume because my “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” has surprised him.
  5. I say “Don’t open the door when I’m in here!”
  6. He says “How am I supposed to know that you’re in here? The light wasn’t on!”
  7. He retreats.
  8. I resume sitting there thinkin’ like Abraham Lincoln.

It happens a lot. It’s our new thing.



7 thoughts on “This Is Our New Thing

  1. This is the problem with our society nowadays: No respect for the time honored traditions of family life.

  2. He’s looking for you, he wants to know you’re all right. He leaves the lights on because it reassures him; a dark room looks like no one lives there.
    His recent illness, a change in your lifestyle, whatever is making him apprehensive about being alone.
    He loves you and wants to be near you.

  3. Umm, our household operates much the same EXCEPT – as much as I admire Lincoln – I cannot sit and think very well. I always thought this was a gender specific inadequacy. I must have reading material. Therefore light is on, wife is duly alerted, all is well.

  4. The ways of men are passing strange. Why not leave a closed or partially open door the way you find it?
    It’s a dang good thing we all love each other around here, and around there too it seems.

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