Food Things

Ah Monday! Only New year’s Day and perhaps the moment of Confession done and Penanace fulfilled can surpass a Monday for optimisim and good intention.

Too Many Lobsters! With warming seas, lobsters become an abundant bargain  Sing it with me:

AnthropogenicGlobalWarming, huh, yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!

AnthropogenicGlobalWarming, huh, yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Except swelling the lobster population and giving us cheap classy eats for the rest of the year and possibly longer
Say it again, y’all

I could live with inexpensive and plentiful lobster.

Too Many Carbs! This is – what? – Week 2 of VB6. It’s extremely livable and easy to follow. I’m eating a lot more fruits, vegetables and grains than I usually would and by the time the 6 part shows up where it’s essentially “anything goes within moderation”, I’m so tired of thinking up things to eat that I just have a boiled egg or a hunk of chesese as my protein and call it a night.

That eating a lot more fruits, vegetables and grains than I usually would thing is troublesome to me, though. I mean that I’m eating A. Lot. of carbs. Stepping away from an entire adulthood of carb avoidance, it doesn’t seem right. Maybe that’s the point of it – to re-set your eating style. Still, on a day like today when I’m planning oatmeal and plums for breakfast and leftover sauteed angel hair pasta with red onion and broccoli for lunch, it sure does seem like I’m going down the wrong road and only more carb-loaded  disaster awaits at dinnertime.

Gazpacho, hummus and pickled onions are my staples now. As soon as the days cool off, I’m going to resume the 5 Minute Bread baking. I was good at that.

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3 thoughts on “Food Things”

  1. Maybe that’s why Obama is so worried about global warming. If lobster isn’t $400.00 for lunch, it just isn’t “special” enough. If even we plebes can afford it, what’s the point?

  2. Fact! In Colonial times, lobster was so plentiful that they were dredged up and used as a) food for slaves and b) fertilizer!

    Fact! As they became more rare in the late 19th Century they became status food for Gilded Age robber barons like Diamond Jim Brady who especially liked to serve them in parts of the country as far away from New England as possible so they cost more.

    Fact! The revolution in the fishing industry brought about by the diesel engine made them inexpensive enough for the middle class and thus a corresponding loss of status with the rich.

    Fact! Barack Obama announced yesterday that his favorite food is broccoli, AKA “the anti-lobster’, thus confirming Ms. Morgenstern’s theory.
    * Fact! = something I think I read once.

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