I Was Looking For Mary Tyler Moore And I Found Myself. Again.

FYI – I think I’m so hot and full of surprises but the evidence shows that is not true. Apparently I am now and have always been ridiculously predictable.

Long story short: my daughter is moving apartments soon and I am brimming over with decorating advice. Which she didn’t ask for and doesn’t want. Very short-sighted of her if you ask me because this is one of my great strengths – decorating imaginary apartments that I will never live in. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m really really good at it.

Anyway, I thought I might be able to influence her* if I showed her attractive old ladies’ writing desks, which are the perfect thing for modern laptops. Maybe a nice delicate drop front desk. And then I remembered that about mid-way through the series, Mary Tyler Moore replaced the oak typewriter table she kept beneath the Ben Shawn poster with a delicate French Provincial style drop front desk. It was during the period when she became a little more prosperous and installed that round cloth-covered table and two white  FP chairs in front of the triple window. The Veal Prince Orloff Years.

I can’t produce a picture of the set (but I will eventually. Stay tuned.) As I was googling for “Mary Tyler Moore apartment”, I came across my own photo of my NYC bachelorette apartment that I had posted on an old site in 2004.


What ho? Matchstick roll-up blinds on those windows? I did manage to work something similar onto the windows of her first apartment. Take that, little girl!

I don’t have a single thing left that was in that photo. I dithered around so long about the Y that a piece of it broke off and when I got tired of hanging onto the pieces, I threw it out. Last year. There were 2 rockers in different styles that matched that rope chair and ottoman**.

* I don’t know why I thought that – she is never influenced by my ideas or taste.

**I bought my rope chair and ottoman at a JD Bauer store on Third Avenue in the 70s (streets and years). Check this:


This is the inaccurate eBay description: “Very Mid Century Modern / Danish Modern. 1960’s
Stamped Made in Yugoslavia.
Eames era like from 1950’s 1960’s”
 Mine was from


3 thoughts on “I Was Looking For Mary Tyler Moore And I Found Myself. Again.

  1. If it was 70 in dollars as well it would be good to still have that rope chair.
    My daughters are stubborn about taking my decorating advice as well, but to be fair, I don’t devote the effort to it that you do.

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