Democracy Koshary Sexy

Who is spying on us this week? I need to know if I should be expecting the FBI, CIA, Interpol or a delegation from the nearby Islamic cultural center.

Sami watches live TV from Egypt on the internet and also a daily videocast that expresses the viewpoint of those that overthrew Morsi today. We have two phone lines in the house and they have been burning up for the last few days. Sami has a network of like-minded Egyptian-Americans and they have all been positively glued to the minute by minute happenings in Egypt today.

Here’s your dose of reality: While it’s true that this is a big blow to the Moslem Brotherhood, don’t delude yourself into thinking that this is a move towards Peace Love And Understanding, or even tolerance. Theirs is still an Islamcentric society that has no use for anybody who is not Moslem. This is not democracy in action; this is mob rule backed by military power.

They have been and remain furious at the US not only for helping Morsi into power and opening the door for the MB but also for general support of Israel. When you see those photos of the banners that say OBAMA SUPPORTS TERRORISM, know that they are not going into storage once the MB slinks away to plot revenge – they’re still good for referencing Israelis.

In fact, by this time next week the democracy-loving people of Egypt will be back to killing Christians and raping American news reporters, possibly pulling off the public beheading of a Catholic Bishop as long as they’re at it.

7 thoughts on “Democracy Koshary Sexy”

  1. I was thinking something similar yesterday (though less specific). I thought the “Arab Spring” of last year was supposed to bring love and happiness to all. I wonder if there is really any solution for the whole region. It’s so very sad for the people who have to live their lives with constant threat.

  2. Anderson Cooper just had on an opposition guy whom he cut off when the guy started criticizing the American media for being a PR guy for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    So then Cooper had on Christiane Amanpour, who (naturally) did PR for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The only good thing I can see in this so far is that maybe a few people will realize Obama’s foreign policy is pathetic.

  3. I’m glad I went to Egypt a few times when Sadat was at the helm. I’ll never go back again. I was worried that one of my friends there posted his pic on FB at the recent protest. He’s a business owner and was not happy about Mubarek’s ouster because he knew MB rule would be much worse.

  4. Here’s your new rule of thumb: When you feel you’ve blogged enough, blog some more. I don’t care what the posts are about, they are all necessary. “Don’t question me”, says I and Patsy Stone.

  5. This is so true and so sad and so very, very frustrating. I do wonder if it is possible for that region to ever “figure it out” as they seem determined to wrest power from one group simply to be the new a*&hole on the block. And the tribal vengeance stuff. YIKES! That pretty much guarantees infinity….and beyond.

  6. Hopefully all this will be dug up again when Hillary decides (Surprise!) to actually run in 2016. It can all be laid at her feet.

    Somehow I doubt it will be, but still. And, frankly, even if it is, it is no longer the sort of thing that wins or loses elections in this country.

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