Some Tomatoes

Emboldened by my recent success with the IT department, I thought I’d try going outside and bossing the weeds around for a while. A fairly short while, it turns out. Even though I was working in the shade and it was only 8 am, the humidity got me and I gave up. I did accomplish about 2/3 of what I set out to do so at least there is something to show for it.

I can’t help admiring my old hosiery that now hold up cherry tomato plants.

I left that big knot there for effect. Now that you’ve seen it, I’ll trim it off.

Of all gardening activities, nothing gives me more pleasure than adding another knee-high to the tomato support system that I have going on out there in that pot. I think I got this idea from way back when I used to subscribe to Organic Gardening. Or maybe I just read it some random place. I know for sure I never actually saw anyone do this – and come to think of it, I still haven’t seen anyone except me do it.

But it makes sense. The stocking stretch thin but still provide efficient support and yet do not cut int the stems of the plants. Plus they’re free and you do your recycle bit (which I do  not care about at all*) by repurposing them. That’s why I think I found this in Organic Gardening. Thinking about it a little more, they must have advised use of panythose to hold up heavy vegetable otherwise why would a stem be cut into by normal garden string? Anyway, I really enjoy talking about garden use of hosiery.

*I’ll start worrying about natural resources when they order Las Vegas to turn off the lights and the fountains and not before.

Here’s tutorial in case I can spread this genius idea around:

I just spent 12 minutes on this. 12 minutes that I could have spent tidying up around here. Ha ha just joking. It’s my day off. I’m not using it to tidy up.

I’ll leave you to ponder that while I go off to be a vegan. Watermelon smoothie for breakfast; corn and avocado salad for lunch.

5 thoughts on “Some Tomatoes”

    1. Did that sound sarcastic? It wasn’t meant to be. I also said something damnfool on You Tube today so I am giving myself a time-out anyway.

  1. I approve of the hosiery color. A neutral with the green is very organic! I do wish I lived closer to your tomatoes.

  2. My mother uses knee highs to tie up her plants and she’s a bit smug about it as if she invented the idea. I have news for her. But, I probably won’t burst her bubble as she’s 86 and still gardening, which is pretty awesome.

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