Major News Development


Dear Readers,

No longer must you suffer through recipes and recitations of  how many sips it takes to finish my cup of morning coffee. Something has actually happened worthy of reporting. And it’s big.

I out-bitched an entire IT department. At work.

I dug in my heels and made them bend to what I thought what right. It’s a watershed moment because I used to be too bashful-slash-unknowledgeable  about rules and requirements to pipe up  but I know I’m right about this. So while I blew my cover as an agreeable and reasonable colleague, I know I did the right thing in terms of integrity over convenience. Because I am charged with representing the voice of the user of the IT product.

Two future flies in my celebratory ointment:

1. I might get overruled by the highest authorities because of issues I don’t know about. And there’s a lot I don’t -rightfully- know about. *drum roll please* The highest authorities backed  me up. Would it be unseemly to forward that email with the words  you are right about this”  highlighted in yellow?

2. While I’m feeling mighty and righteous professionally, I’m feeling weak and bad about myself personally because I had to played the bitch card. It’s like I handed an adversary  an excuse for why I should not be taken seriously at the next encounter. In the clear light of day, I can say that now that it’s been proven that I know what I’m talking about the real problem here  is that I will get a swelled head and start exhibiting a v. bossy attitude. Act surprised.



9 thoughts on “Major News Development

  1. I’m assuming you ran into the “Elsa Effect”.
    “Elsa”, her sisters and cousins are those who run petty little offices that can screw up your life. They take great smug delight in:
    Telling you that you have the wrong office
    Pointing out that you filled out the form wrong
    Assuming you are a stupid dolt or a budding terrorist
    Claiming they never received your memo/form/request
    Promise to call you back, but have no intention of doing so
    Use the automated answering device to ignore your calls
    Pretending they are the final authority on every issue

  2. I think you are an unparalleled BS Detector and are called to preach this gospel far and wide helping to give the rest of us poor confused bastards a fighting chance. You are not free to unbecome you so wave that freak flag high.

  3. If you’re right you’re right. Having burned a few bridges myself, I know the pain that can result. I’ve also found out that occasionally being a bitch is the only way to get things done. Best of luck.

    • Added:
      IT departments have an unfortunate tendency to be arrogant. They can make your life miserable and the little stinkers have no moral compass when it comes to dishing out the hurt.

  4. Arrogant? IT folks? I can’t remember the fancy sounding acronym but my IT friends had one that meant the user was an idiot. They didn’t say that, they’d say it was a UIAI (or something) error.

    Best of luck and stop replaying the conversation in your head.

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