Women For Weiner

I cannot even.

Huma Abedin and her sister, Heba, are hosting the first Women for Weiner fund-raiser tonight 

I suppose it’s just as well. Every day I hear a news story about this guy that manages to work in a reference to sausage, hot dog, member, banana, power tool, drilling, salami, playing the organ or some other 8th grade level humor. I can’t wait to see the logo that Women For Weiner come up with.

goodnight nurse wfw

4 thoughts on “Women For Weiner”

  1. The best gazpacho ever was the recipe from my cousin’s former wife. The main ingredient was V-8 vegetable cocktai or whatever they call it. The regular old standard one with salt that they started with before they went no salt and fruity.

    Simple ingredients and delicious.

  2. OMG he’s back…and SHE’S back!!! I have been making Novenas every day to the Baby Cheeses and I am now enveloped in a pink cloud of orgasmic joy. Long live the Rehab Nurse and her recalcitrant charge.

  3. There was some 1940s jive song where at one point they sing – I think – “huma heba hama hoo”. Are there two more sisters by any chance?

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