2 Things Of Very Little Interest To Anyone Else

1. We have a few cable channels that show TV shows from the 70s and 80s plus some B movies from the same era that have been gutted beyond reason to fit in more ad time. The ads are predominantly for male catheters, step-in bath tubs and reverse mortgages. I notice that the ads that run during Maude are almost exclusively for lawyers. Is it because the lawyers are trolling for customers who might identify with a loud-mouthed nag who never hesitates to confront people and is not beyond stirring the pot herself if things are quiet? The lawyers know their audience.

2. I was out on the deck early today living it up in the Zero-G , trying to drink my coffee while fully reclined and looking for vegan recipe ideas on my phone. [ gratitude for the life I have] It started to get humid so I was thinking about something cool to eat and I remembered a delicious gazpacho-like cold soup I had while I was in Tennessee last week. It was a puree of tomatoes, cucumbers and garlic. Then they wrecked it by adding small pieces of cooked shrimp. There was bite-sized bit of avocado in the center of the cup. It was really great despite the shrimp and remembering it made me think I could probably whip up a nice gazpacho for later.

The thing about gazpacho is that it’s like Thanksgiving stuffing – everybody has their own recipe and it’s all good so you can’t really make it wrong.

note to self: get it together, Suzette

Things were going so well right up until I went to dump the soup out of the stockpot I was working in to a plastic container for refrigeration. It is a mercy that I placed the container in the sink before I did the dump. So much precious soup gone down the drain but I guess it wouldn’t have fit in the container anyway. I tell you this because when I look back at my blogging history, it’s all comedy, aspiration and humblebrag. The truth of me almost never shows up here. The truth is I’m a messy mess.

As soon as there’s room for it when I take out my first cup of this, I’m going to dump in some McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix. I’m pretty sure that’s a vegan product.

11 thoughts on “2 Things Of Very Little Interest To Anyone Else”

  1. I enjoy posts like this one. Life is in the details.

    As for Maude, I haven’t seen or thought about it in years. Never really liked the show for the reasons you mention, but interesting about the lawyer ads.

    And, I, too, am a messy mess. I get so distracted into my projects and ideas that I end up making a mess every which way– just like the one you show in your photo.

    1. I spared you the vision of what fell to the floor during the vegetable chopping stage of the preparation. Even I have my limits.

      Also, Maude is a gold mine of authentic household goods from the 70s. There were a lot of scenes shot in the kitchen so dinnerware, utensils, small appliances and other small household goods can be seen in abundance.

      1. Good point. Maude was affluent, wasn’t she? I bet that it is kind of cool to see a 70’s kitchen all over again. Should Maude ever be shown on one of our channels, I’ll check it out.

  2. You’re right, we all have our own recipe. I like putting shrimp in mine, too, but it’s great left vegan and just garnish with more veg or avocados. I make mine in the food processor, by the way, and have forgone peeling and seeding my tomatoes. I could probably use the fiber anyway.

    My kitchen is a messy mess, too, since I made candied bacon (not vegan) this morning. It didn’t crisp enough for the purpose I was intending but heck, you can’t go wrong with bacon. After 6 pm?

  3. One of the saddest moments of my life was when I was pouring some spaghetti, with sauce into a bowl for the refrigerator. I bobbled, my aim was thrown off and I could only watch as most of it slithered into the garbage disposal.

  4. The absolute best Gazpacho I ever made was a recipe using the usual veggies, some tomato sauce, and Kraft’s magic Zesty Italian dressing for the needed spice and flavor. Anything with Zesty Italian is better.

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