Early In The Morning

Fullscreen capture 6262013 70726 AMEarly in the morning when I’m out on the deck with my coffee, reading blogs and listening to the birds, it’s hard to believe that the weather is going to turn against me later in the day. The skies have turned black and opened up for the past two days around 4:30 pm, effectively drowning the deck chairs and ruining any chance for post-workday decompressing outdoors. I’m looking at the radar map right now and trying to reconcile that with the icon for thunderstorms today. I know its coming.

Early in the morning, I have the sincere belief that I can get everything that I have to do at work done by the end of the day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think I should probably send out a few emails.  Early in the morning, I acknowledge how deranged that notion is. Last evening at about 6pm ET*, I sent a message to a co-worker in Arizona offering to review something complicated that we talked about earlier in the day. It was 4pm where he was.  He wrote back to me in all his 27 year old glory and this is what his email said:

“Who needs some work/life balance here?  I have about 20 minutes is that enough time to discuss?”

Dude, this is the reason why your generation is not going to do as well economically as mine has done. Do your work. Regarding work/life balance, allow me to paraphrase the great Don Draper: “That’s what the money is for.”

photo (4)

This is my actual home office but the photo is not recent. Now the surfaces are littered with papers, post it notes, bottles from water and nail polish and random hair accessories.

Early in the morning, it’s a clean slate. All resolve and good intentions. Day 3 of VB6 and already I can’t think of what to eat for breakfast. Maybe some Sweet & Savory Breakfast Pilaf but without the maple syrup and oil. I just don’t have the same sweet tooth as most people and I’m not a big fan of oiled-up rice.

*I worked until about 8:30pm last night but I did take a 2 1/2 hour nap  break during the day, so total work hours were about the same as usual.


4 thoughts on “Early In The Morning

  1. I lost the first half of my year to too much work and home stress. I don’t care about the money, I need some damn down time.

    I still have a job to run every weekend, no matter what I say I need. Sigh.

    Every morning I think that I’ll get some good work in before the 8:30 conference call. I’m an optimistic idiot.

  2. Actually the time difference right now is 3 hours, not two. AZ does not go on Daylight Savings. In the winter, we are Mountain time; summer is Pacific. I know it’s crazy, but true.

  3. The AZ/UT time difference is a nightmare if you live in southern Utah. A family wedding a few years ago was fraught with questions about which times we were talking about because they got married in St George UT and had an open house in Fredonia AZ later the same day. Everything is an hour longer than originally planned because people keep saying “Oh I thought you meant Arizona or I thought you meant Utah time.”

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