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Messing around the edges of VB6. Day 2*. So far , so good.

Just had avocado toast for breakfast. Who knew this dish had such a large and devoted a cult following? And they’re all on the internet, too. I would have displayed more reverence if I had known.

I did invest in Mark Bittman’s book, but until it gets here I have a few questions that need to be answered:

  • Where does caviar fall in this plan?
  • Where does booze come in? Is that an acceptable “anything you want for dinner” choice?

I’m not really that interested in caviar or booze right now. I’m more focused on spring mix and my Sweet 100s cherry tomatoes that are about to turn red. I just like to know where things stand.

*#1 Lesson Learned:  probably not a good idea to eat steel cut oats, hummus and black beans all on the same day.


ADDENDUM In Which I Analyze Myself: Here’s a tip for readers of Cripes Suzette – if you ever notice that my posts are focused on food, meals, cooking or cookbooks for more than 5 days in a row, it means I’m trying to lose weight.


4 thoughts on “VB6

  1. May the Force be with you. I have fallen for a desperation purchase of “The 4 Minute Abs” workout. We’ll see who becomes a new centerfold model first.

  2. Well, caviar is very low in calories and almost all protein! I wonder how it would taste on those little sweet, yellow tomatoes.

    Thanks for visiting. 🙂 I’ve been enjoying your last several posts and plan to read more.

  3. Jack Daniels is made from various grains. In fact aren’t most adult beverages vegetable in origin (as opposed to animal).???

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