New Jersey – We’ve Got It All

even tsunamis!

First thoughts:

  • Every article about the Jersey Shore tsunami on June 13th quotes this one single guy. Even the divers who were dragged around and the people knocked off the rocks don’t get a quote.
  • I wonder if this will show up on an episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey? Hurricane Sandy did and the RHoNJ were protected by 90 miles of solid ground but that didn’t stop them from moaning about Sandy.
  • It’s all fun and games until the Continental shelf collapses.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey – We’ve Got It All

  1. I’ve encountered some very strong currents in that inlet under normal circumstances, but that sounds like the real deal, thankfully a small one.

    Would it be wrong to hope for a natural event that swept away all traces of Manzos and Giudices?

  2. How about Tsunami-ing out all that various and sundry Menendez mess? Use one disaster to clean up another. Now if you can correct Suzette’s basement problem, New Jersey, you might just start looking like something.

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