Home Sweet Home

Hello cool breezy deck in the morning! Boy, did I miss you.

And isn’t this the greatest cup of coffee that I ever had? I think it might be.

You flowerpots seem to be in pretty good shape – there must have been some watering going on. I don’t even mind the bug that tried to glue the parsley leaves shut to make a nursery for her next generation.

Hey! Who wants to relive the last century?

mmmm … spicy burdock root saute! (not)

Just kidding. Those are not (directly) for my benefit. They are for my urban-dwelling daughter who is not yet what you’d call a “cook” and her first CSA. Who could go wrong with a Mollie Katzen? I have the classic Moosewood around here somewhere – it’s probably under the How To Make Your Own Tofu manual – but I drew the line at mac & cheese casserole with broccoli stems jammed into it, even if it meant missing out on some enchantment. I like to remember myself as a wacky fun mom but the evidence suggests otherwise.

paid $1.00 for the book. the schmutz was free.

This is turning into a cookbook post that deserves an entry of its own. Anyway, glad to be home. As God is my witness, I’ll never have a Sonic peanut butter-banana milkshake for dinner on the road again.

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