Lazy Susan

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I don’t have anything to do. It’s that I don’t have anything better to do than moon over dishes on the internet. Inside, I could be sorting through the piles of clothing that I don’t wear anymore and bagging up various garments for removal from the premises. Outside, I could be pulling weeds or planting the last patch next to the driveway. But instead, I’m trolling the internet for china tea sets. Or parts thereof.

Q: But Suzette – don’t you already have a china tea set? And more dishes in general than you can ever possibly use?

A: What’s your point?

Here’s the thing: I find it soothing to look for things that I might possibly gift to (some unidentified) somebody at (no particular) sometime in the (vaguely defined) future. Unfortunately, in real life I am surrounded by vulgarians who do not wish to clutter themselves up with unnecessary household goods. I don’t understand it but there it is. And so I have to just content myself with the cyber version of window shopping.

But look what I found. Swoon! And I wasn’t even going to mention this because I still harbor the smallest glimmer of a notion that I might find someone to gift this upon. But what the heck here it is.


A breathtaking set of fine china; perfect for Tea/Coffee & Dessert or as a Luncheon Set  $35.00

Someone has so skillfully put together three different complimentary patterns from three different manufacturers that you have to look hard at them to realize it. This is just the kind of thing that kills me, especially since tea pots and sugar/creamers are still plentifully available to make this a full set. And can you imagine all this beauty for only $35.00? In the world of pieced-together china, sets this is unheard of.

So there it is, cyber buddies. Take it away. Pale pink roses, grey leaves and stems, platinum trim. * le sigh*

Okay. I confess. My Never Rests Neighbor, as opposed to my Volatile And Angry Neighbor on the other side, has been out there for hours doing things – big things – to maintain and improve his property. Which happens every day. But today I’m trying to focus on being lazy and he is right under my office window pushing his power mower around at breakneck speed. It made me so nervous that I had to step away from the keyboard and throw a couple of stained shirts and an old slip into a black garbage bag. If he keeps it up out there,  I might have to put away the winter nightgowns.

7 thoughts on “Lazy Susan”

  1. It is lovely, but… the photo makes me a bit suspicious. It’s too sepia-colored for pale pink and gray. As if the colors don’t exactly match. But then I’m suspicious of everything these days.

    1. (My fingers are in my ears and I am not looking at that stuff. The last time I got sucked into one of your enticing yarns about something wonderful, I bought, not one but three of those wallet-purses. Except mine cost a bit more, but by then the chase was on and it didn’t matter.)

      I will not read, I will not listen, I will not succumb to Suzette the Seductive Salesperson….

      1. And just for that, I am posting off-topic something that reminded me of some of your vintage stuff on the soccer mom with the Little Eye and the 44-Inch Stride.

        BRF: It’s a Bitch
        This is no joke, “Bitchy Resting Face” is a debilitating disease that can attack women of any age and can result in her looking “thoughtfully sad or angry for no reason.”

        1. It became redundant to point out the error in calling her the most beautiful, most intelligent, most fashionable when any 8 year old who trusted his own eye, ears and common sense could do it. I do still hold a soft spot for Dear Dairy, though. maybe ‘ll do a series of vacation journals.

  2. That’s okay, Daisy. I have a back-up fantasy plan.

    The seller listed this only as KPM which is rapid heartbeat enough, but the mark means Rosenthal. There’s no sugar/creamer here but 26 pieces for $54? big YES.

    You see how it escalates? This morning, $35 was a big bargain and now we’re creeping up on shrugging off $54. By tomorrow morning, I’ll be looking at the $200 range and thinking hmmmm. and I don’t even have a reason to buy. Except that I am a fool for china with the pattern inside the cups.

  3. Have a long time friend who has spent her career as a buyer/PR person first with Lennox and then Mikasa. I once asked her how many china sets she has and she flat-out refused to answer. You are not alone.

  4. And bthe way, no one is going to ever accuse you of extravagance in a country where the First Couple feels the need to travel with an aircraft carrier.

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