Second Of The Ninth

Ok team – who among you can recommend a really good recording of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony?

I had a really satisfying CD of it when CDs first came out but I can’t remember the conductor or the orchestra. I would have gone out and bought the first famous name I came across in the Amazon music section but a friend told me to choose carefully because each conductor tries to make his mark  and they are all different from each other so now I’m paralyzed with indecision.

I heard a fabulous version on WQXR a few weeks ago but it was during one of my weekend evening gin relaxing sessions on the deck* so I didn’t catch the details. YouTube is not good for this because the comments, no matter what you are listening to, revolve around Justin Beiber. The most you can get out of the  non-Beiber comments is someone impudently calling the composer Louis of the Beet Garden and others that claim  “The first 3 min holds healing energy for the healing of the cells of your body!!!” Admittedly, the cells of my body could use some work but I don’t think this is going to do it. Lots of erudition about Beethoven’s deafness: ” The Maestro could read. Toward the end that is how he had to communicate with everyone.” and an imaginary but wholly mesmerizing dialog between Beethoven and Nikolai Tesla.

Gawd, I miss the YouTube commenters.

Anyway, all I want to listen to is the 2nd movement. I could take or leave the Ode to Joy part. Any recommendations?

*On the same evening, I heard Polovetsian Dance No. 2 coming out of the radio. It made me sad that I never invested in 120 Classic Masterpieces when I had the chance.

4 thoughts on “Second Of The Ninth”

  1. If you go to WQXR website they have a playlist for everyday and you should be able to get the information you seek.

  2. Beethoven and his Immortal Beloved are key plot devices in the Read or Die anime movie (not the TV show, but the OVA). Even YouTube couldn’t come up with something half as wacked.

  3. I’m partial to Karajan’s 1963 (I think) version on DG: it was recorded at a time when he was blossoming as a conductor but before he decided that he was a superstar.

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