So blah blah rain / stupid creek project / flooded basement and my son went downstairs to clear out junk to prepare for another yet ill-conceived solution from the creek project “engineer”. This one involves involves cutting the concrete basement floor. But this is not another kvetch – this is a moment of great excitement.

Great breathless excitement.

I’m not one to talk about the internet search terms that bring people to my blog but I’ll tell you now that from the moment I started blogging about them in early 2010, “Dixon- Ticonderoga Executive Mechanical Pencil” is the #1 search term. I’ve gotten visits every single day because of it.

I can’t tell you how many mechanical pencils I’ve tried since discovering this one. None suit! I did recently buy a 2-pack of 0.9 mm Office Depot pencils and while they are unlovely, I am appreciating the 0.9 lead size. So back to the basement clean-up – put on your cartoon eyes so that you can bulge them in and out while saying gnong gnong gnong as you gaze upon this:

Can you even breathe? I can’t ! I cannot even breathe.

I don’t even know what I want to say next about this. Are you seeing that from the sky basement dropped not just one but two Dixon-Ticonderoga Executive Mechanical Pencils? And that one of them has a 0.9mm lead? I didn’t even know they made that.

I am going to make a concerted effort to locate my 2013 Daily Planner -which I abandoned in March, as is my usual behavior – and use one of these to write in it. Every day. I swear this time.

6 thoughts on “Hyperventilation”

  1. Sweet! The creek project taketh, and the creek project giveth in return. And you are correct, according to the Dixon-Ticonderoga website, they only sell 0.7 mechanicals. I’d lay up a supply of 0.9 leads if you can.

    PS – the “Tri-conderoga” triangular pencil is a good standard variety. It’s a little thicker than standard, very comfortable – the pencil of choice at Chez Nightfly; just be advised that the wider width makes it harder to find an automatic sharpener that will fit. (The pencils come with a hand-held sharpener that will work.)

  2. For realz? Mechanical pencils? I found you after discovering the term “World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama” on another site. Miss those posts and those on Hillary. Oh well, there’s always 2016. 😉

    1. Callie, the mechanical pencil thread is an on-going meme here on CS, along with ceramic turtles, Stangl pottery and nosy neighbors. You can’t make a good gumbo with just crayfish, although we all love the Hillary/Mooshelle stuff and bite into it with zest when we get a forkful.

      1. On a technical note, we don’t generally put crawfish in gumbo down here. Etoufee, and bisque are standards, while my DSW makes a crawfish jambalaya so delicious we’ve had it for Christmas Dinner a couple times.

        The metaphor stands, though. Even making gumbo on the cheap with chicken, you have to add andouille sausage.

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