So This Is Happening

I’m giving the strawberry pots another whirl.


I’ve never been successful with strawberries with these things. One year I got three berries, only one of which was edible. I did pretty well with Hen ‘n Chicks one year but I have those in a chicken flower pot this year and  even I have my limits. Portulacas did great one year and miserably the next. I don’t know. Maybe these begonias will be inspired by the towering tomato stakes.

You can see the remnants of Hurricane Sandy damage in this photo. The stand of the birdhouse village is warped and the thing can’t be straightened or positioned to appear straight. Next to it is a fallen branch belonging to our volatile and troublesome neighbor. Most of it is on his property with only the raw borken end of it hanging over our fence. At the moment, I don’t care because this is where the cardinals have made their nest and there’s lots of bright red streaking about to keep me entertained.

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