Pope Tweets

Pope Benedict XVI made history as the first Pope with a  Twitter account but his tweets were infrequent and not that interesting. Pope Francis* is a tweeting machine.

At first it was very refreshing to see a message from the Pope that was in plain language and seemed to be very heartfelt. Every now and then, he slips in a little community organizing.


The messages sometimes sound like they were written by the Bagwan Rajneesh; some even sound like they came out of a fortune cookie. There are some that make me think that a few mischievous Cardinals have set this up as a parody account. I don’t know. This is not the Pope I thought I knew. Maybe it’s just me – I do like a little more pomp, a little more mystery from the visible leader of the One True Catholic and Holy Apostolic church and a little less camel through the eye of a needle.

*I really wish this one had a different name. I can’t stop myself from thinking about the basement of the Alamo whenever I hear it. Then I have to give myself three Hail Marys.

3 thoughts on “Pope Tweets”

  1. I do agree it’s disappointing like he’s the Jimmy Carter pope eschewing the limousine for an inaugural walk down Penn Ave. We’ll know for sure if we see him riding a red Schwinn Phantom poopmobile instead of the popemobile.

  2. I don’t get the tweet thing. Why would he do it? He has plenty of opportunities to get his message out in more traditional ways. Tweets are so limited. You almost by definition sound random and unserious.

  3. #eucharist Got into such a tiff w/ Jesuits 2day over trans/consubstantiation. Thought that whole thing settled in the wayback, yo.

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