Question: How Can You Tell?

US Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies at 89

If there was ever an argument for term limits, this guy was it. Good riddance to bad rubbish. This is not to say he won’t still be voting. He was is a Democrat, after all. He did build himself a nice train station, though.

The senatorial pustules of NJ: one down, one to go.

The senatorial pustules of NJ: one down, one to go.

Now comes the fun – guessing who Governor Christie will likely appoint to fill in until the next election. Candidates include:

  • Mrs. Frank Lautenberg
  • Cory Booker [honest to God]
  • Tillie
  • Head of the NJ teacher’s union [this would be a pay cut for him]
  • Eric Holder

I give up. I was trying to be funny but there was nothing funny about shattered faith in your state’s governor. The  jolly photo-op camaraderie with Obama not only contributed to Obama’s reelection but also has created A LOT of questions about party principles and loyalty.   Granted, those actions resulted in a boatload of money headed into NJ but its Democrat money and payback – you may have heard –  is a bitch. And now there’s a chance to pay back by appointing a Democrat bitch to fill FL’s seat. This is the watershed moment for Christie.

Neither is there anything funny about the recently departed loaded diaper. He is being touted all over the internet now as an advocate for women’s health where “women’s health” is code for all abortion all the time with no room for dissenting opinion. He is famously remembered as pro-claiming that pro-life people do not deserve the freedoms in the Constitution. I would imagine that his senility led him to leak that tactic ahead of the party schedule for that particular assault on the citizenry who dare to differ. How soon until the petition to rename your fabulous train station starts?

I fully recognize none of this is of any interest at all outside of NJ.


13 thoughts on “Question: How Can You Tell?

  1. Just heard the news and thought of you. Will Christie appoint Cory Booker to fill his seat as a thank you for not challenging him for Governor ? This is going to be fun 😀

  2. Your last line reminded me of the time I e-mailed Senator RandPaul and the returning e-mail said that SenPaul only responds to the people in his state.
    Every single one of the Senators and Congresscritters don’t just represent their particular electorate; they make laws that affect all of us. When SenMcCain (az) sponsors a bill, that bill might become a law that we all have to deal with.

    So, yes we are concerned with GovChristie’s next move.
    Will he or won’t he bow to the Dems and finish himself off forever or will he save his shrinking butt.

  3. Lautenberg certainly did put the lout in his name. He will be judged and damned for eternity by the countless aborted dead he celebrated in life.

  4. Oh there is interest outside of New Jersey alright. Remember how he got to be senator again last time? The scandal-ridden scumbag that *was* running had to drop out because he was suddenly unelectable after qualifying was closed. The GOP would’ve been told tough titties, but the Dembots™ got a Mulligan & hand picked the dearly departed c**stain.

    Not that I bear a grudge, but remember that we got Obamacare with no Senate votes to spare. Franken’s on my list too – maybe a well placed triple A?

  5. Krispy Kremes will strongly influence his decision. The smaller; the better. After all, he had his stomach tied and the bigger pastries require much too much time to consume.

    Think small…with coconut sprinkles.

  6. Doesn’t FL has a son around? He was the first one I thought of being appointed. Also, I read he had been ill for sometime and hadn’t voted since maybe February. Why do we allow them to stay in an office that requires they vote, when they can’t vote. And I say the same thing about Mark Kirk (R) who was out even longer. Let them go out on disability, but get the heck out of there if you can’t do the job.

  7. He punted and called for a special election this year, with a primary in August, election in October, three weeks before the general election in November. There will be an appointee, but only to serve until October.

    This means that there probably will not be an extra GOP senator until November 2014, which is a shame, but when was the last time the Senate was able to break out of deadlock and do anything anyway?

    I always mourn lost opportunities for mischief and this is one. Or is it? The mad scramble for spots in the August primary should be entertaining. Your local Congressman, Frankie Pee, will be aiming for the piñata and maybe you end up with a Representative who actually represents you.

    We may also see if Mayor-in-Absentia Booker is actually willing to pull the trigger.

    Had it been me I would have appointed Lt. Governor Guadagno and then dared the liberals to vote against a female candidate in 2014, but that’s just me. Like I say, mischief.

  8. Great post. Many of us outside of NJ (thank heaven for that!) were concerned about Lautenberg and are shedding no tears now.

    In addition to the obvious, we’re hoping that that moronic female with the obscene-looking mouth will no longer be part of the lefty lineup on Fox News. Her only claim to fame was that she was a former aide to Lautenberg. (no applause)

    And when she goes, perhaps she could take Alan Colmes and Leslie Marshall with her (to name just a few)?

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