Come On Get Happy

Call me Shirley Partridge.

Although there are many aspects of modern life that make me wish it was 1974 again, this haircut isn’t one of the. I’m off on a two-day road trip with that has the potential to make a great impact on my business life and now I have to do it with crazy hair that will soon go limp and stick flat to my head because of the sudden heat/humidity wave.

Or maybe I’m just pissed that I have to get going so early in the morning. One needs time to adjust. One can’t just jump out of bed and hit the road just like that. God.


5 thoughts on “Come On Get Happy

  1. Wear a dashing hat?

    Sorry. There is nothing worse than hair shock, and that is all it is. In a few days it will behave. Good luck on trip re: job.

  2. I don’t have a twitter account – but yes, I sadly discovered the scourge of the impatiens when I went to my local Meadows Farms to get my annual fix of double impatiens for my porch. Boo – they are the only thing that grows nicely there and the New Guinea versions are so much more subject to drying out spontaneously. I’m sure your hair will grow on you (ha,ha).

  3. It gets harder every year doesn’t it?
    I get the hair thing completely. Hair hate is the bane of my life. Just when it’s perfect I can expect two days until it’s too long and the whole thing starts over again. The one thing i cling to is I have better hair than either Hillary or Moochelle and that’s a real sad thing for them.

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